Sapahn's Top 4 Best-Selling Leather Handbags + Wallets Pairings

Sapahn's Top 4 Best-Selling Leather Handbags + Wallets Pairings

Every collection is designed with the customer in mind—and our shoppers can't live without these handbag + wallet combos.
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Peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Forensic files and good beer (our favorite)… some things are just meant to go together. Yup, I love a matching set. It just seems so put-together! So that’s why I designed certain handbags and wallets to go together. Their designs complement each other and make our customers’ lives easier. Easy access, sophisticated design… these combinations are perfect pairings.

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Chloe Convertible Backpack CrossbodyStaney Leather Crossbody Wristlet Wallet


The Chloe and the Staney are like wine on a Friday night: it just makes sense. This combination is a particular favorite among customers. Why? Because the Chloe Convertible Backpack Crossbody is your everyday bag—carry your 13" laptop, a notebook, an umbrella, a S’well water bottle and a makeup bag along with your essentials (keys, phone, etc.). Bonus? It’s a four-in-one handbag! Wear it the way you like: crossbody, sling, backpack or by the handles.

If you want a smaller handbag option, simply take out the Staney Leather Crossbody Wristlet Wallet. It’s so easy—you don’t need to take anything out! It transforms into a classy clutch for an evening date or a crossbody purse for a girls’ night. Just put on the strap and go! The organization is also *clutch* (sorry… we had to). This wallet easily doubles are a smaller handbag because there are so many compartments. Easily fit your phone, concert tickets, credit cards and more!

Jori Leather Crossbody + Fisher Leather Card Holder


Two new arrivals that are perfect for the young professional. This would be a great holiday gift for a college senior! The Jori Leather Crossbody features a long strap that’s adjustable to your preferred length. With structured, clean lines, you can prop up this handbag right next to you—no need to drape it over a chair. And the Fisher Leather Card Holder is as streamlined as it gets—its slim profile slips easily into the Jori. Professional and stylish, this classic card holder is perfect for holding business cards. 

With the Jori Leather Crossbody and Fisher Leather Card Holder, you’ll look polished from meetings to networking drinks. The perfect opportunity to impress that CMO you want as a mentor.
These designs are most frequently bought together. Both the M Leather Crossbody and Parker Travel Leather Wristlet Wallet are minimalist-designed in appearance, but don’t underestimate these best sellers! This combo holds a lot of items. The clean and professional design makes you instantly look put-together. Carry this pairing into work or flying to another country knowing that you look sophisticated.

This is a great travel set—the shape of the M Leather Crossbody is thoughtfully designed with a two-way zip closure that widely opens to offer easy access to one large scratch-resistant leather sleeve to secure a tablet. You can easily look into the bag and see everything—no need to dig through to find that one lipgloss. The interior organization was designed with the modern woman in mind.

The Parker Travel Leather Wristlet Wallet is the perfect pairing because of its sleek design that packs a punch. This wallet is thin, but can hold a lot. Easily organize your passport, boarding pass and receipts with strategically-designed interior pockets. And, its two top zipper pockets are perfect for a lip gloss, phone, cash and checkbook. Perfect for frequent flyers, the Parker Travel Leather Wristlet Wallet is a new take on our top-seller. A buttery-soft leather wallet that you can really use. Explore the world with the Parker Travel Wristlet Wallet.

Rider Crossbody + Winnie Jo Wallet

sapahn-leather-rider-crossbody-winnie-jo-walletYour on-the-go, busy lifestyle pairing. The Rider Crossbody and Winnie Jo Wallet is an ideal combination for city dwellers and international travelers. The Rider Crosbbody is spacious and hugs close to the body—perfect for riding your bike. With the zip closure under the flap, you'll feel secure no matter where you go. 
A thick strap lays comfortably over your shoulder to properly distribute the weight in your bag, especially if you're carrying books, a hefty wallet, or anything else heavy. The hands-free versatility is great when you're on the go!

The Winnie Jo Wallet is a traditional portfolio style which holds your phone, credit cards, and cash. With its zip enclosure, it’s easy to transition this wallet to a clutch or clip on the removable crossbody strap to wear it out on the town.