Human Rights protect humanity. And we know that businesses can illuminate humanity through art, creativity and innovation. That’s why Human Rights are not just part of what we do, they’re why we do what we do. We make beautiful things because we see the beauty in everyone. And we will always fight to protect it. 

HUMan rights in action


Our promise is to honor the beauty you hold, and that means we believe everyone should be accountable and have agency to advance themselves. We understand the power of human rights, and its front and center in every aspect of our business.


All In. Always. 

Everyone in the Sapahn community impacts how we plan, operate and work. We collaborate with our artisans and partners early and often, to be proactive about safety, security and our entire approach to what we do.

Our leaders regularly check-in with our artisans. These open lines of communication enable us to  address any questions and concerns proactively and collaboratively to build trust in the process. And when we celebrate, we celebrate together, whether it’s for company wins or personal milestones like births, marriages, or even family loss. We’re human beings above everything else.

A Place to Be Proud Of

Our beautiful collections are made exclusively in work environments that are physically, emotionally and psychologically safe. Every worker has a voice, practices are carefully vetted for cultural appropriateness, and time off is granted generously so that our teams have the time they need for family, for themselves and for their communities. 

We’re invested in the places that our employees call home, so our company’s successes are reinvested into the communities that welcome us.


Proudly Made Right

It all starts with sourcing, and at Sapahn we’re committed to examining every component on our supply chain, and understanding its impact on our people and our planet. When we design products, our customers’ and artisans’ voices are front and center, helping to drive a hands-on design philosophy that shines through in everything we make.

Fairness is Freedom

Our artisans know the value of their work, and they set their own wages. They are empowered to value their contributions and provide their families a comfortable living, and that benefits the entire Sapahn community. We also ensure up-front, on-time payments that help everyone at Sapahn maintain their quality of life.

Additionally, we know that when tight timelines squeeze workers, it’s hard to enjoy the life you’ve built. We work on a schedule that lets us produce quality work without sacrificing quality of life.

Certified B Corporation

One boutique fashion brand cannot change the world. But a global community committed to human rights and conscious consumerism can. We’re proud to be one of the more than 8,000 Certified B Corporations that are setting a new standard for consumers to trust. 

THE U.N. Guiding Principles

The United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights is the authoritative global standard of responsible business.