Some things, we choose to carry close to our heart. Things we keep within reach, because they’re part of us.

The things we can’t leave home without.

The things that tell people who we are… without us having to say it.

Which is why we make sure that when you carry something from us, you’re carrying more than something pretty. Or something useful. Or something fun.

About us

You are holding something personal. Made by hand, and designed to be inviting. Created with care to be soft, comfortable and endlessly versatile. And designed, in every detail, to be something you’re proud to carry.

You are also holding something powerful. Crafted by women from around the world who are paid, treated and listened to the way they deserve to be.

Everything we make reflects everyone who makes it.

When you hold something with our name on it, you are holding something designed to be beloved and passed down. You can hold it proudly. Because you are holding something true.

Sapahn | The Beauty You Hold

When you carry a Sapahn, you hold our belief that no one should be disregarded, dismissed, or discounted. Everyone is meaningful, and everyone deserves a life full of meaning.

These are the principles Sapahn was founded on in 2010 that continue to be the driving force behind our mission.