9 Inspiring Women We Named Our Leather Handbags After

9 Inspiring Women We Named Our Leather Handbags After

Our buttery-soft leather handbag designs are a gentle reminder of nine amazing women (and one man).
Meet Our Leather Handbags' 9 Inspirational Namesakes
We name every handbag design after influential women to recognize and commemorate them. We name our leather handbags after women who symbolize strength, beauty and courage.
Think of your mother, sister, teachers, friends and colleagues. These women are the “it girls” of our lives — smart, beautiful, fearless, and practical. These amazing women deserve gratitude, and that’s where our designs come in.
And, our buttery-soft leather handbags are a gentle reminder of who has helped us through life.
Here are the nine women (and one man!) in our lives who we're honoring with our new designs. We invite you to learn more about these amazing women from all different backgrounds.

Jori Leather Crossbody

Jori McCarville

Discover: 9 Women Inspiring Our Leather Handbags
Our Name That Bag giveaway honored so many inspiring women. We're thrilled that the Jori Leather Crossbody was named from the giveaway. The nominee was Jori McCarville—founder and owner of Pattino Shoes. Meg Hasselbach, founder and owner of Paper Kite, wrote this about Jori:
"She’s the hardest working woman I know. She's an inspiration. When she opened the doors to Pattino Shoes, she opened the door for so many other women. She's inspired many others, myself included, to take a risk and own a small business. She’s been in business over 13 years and still does it with such integrity, creativity and compassion. Not to mention she's the most stylish lady in town!"

Glennon Leather Crossbody

Glennon Doyle

ntroducing: 9 Women Behind Our Leather Handbag Collection

This bag, named after Glennon Doyle, pays homage to a woman who isn’t afraid. She stands right in the middle of 'the fire.' She figures out how it started, why it started, who is fanning the flame, and how to help. She's a blogger, an author, a public speaker, and an LGBTQ+ advocate. She's a mom and also one of the founders of the organization Together Rising. An organization that “transforms collective heartbreak into effective action.”

Together Rising has a strong belief that “We belong to each other.” So do we, and that is why we wanted to honor this woman by naming this bag after her.

S H O P   N O W

Rapinoe Leather Messenger Bag

Megan Rapinoe

Our Leather Handbag Names: Inspired by 9 Remarkable Women

We've been awe-struck by Megan Rapinoe this past year. Her athletic ability on the soccer field alone is enough to make her a woman that we are proud to name a bag after. As co-captain for the US Women’s Soccer Team, she helped lead her team to winning the World Cup this past summer. Upon their victory she was also honored with the top scorer and best player awards.
This speaks not only to her physical prowess but also to her character. She is a person that speaks her truth without apology. She stands for equal pay in sports and all other careers as well. She won’t compromise who she is or what she stands for.
She believes that your gender shouldn’t decide your pay grade, or your place at the table and neither do we.

S H O P   N O W

Addis Leather Backpack

Addis Browne

Unveiling: 9 Women Who Shape Our Leather Handbags
A mother, a wife, a friend, a musician, a small business owner. These are a few words to describe Addis Browne. But, when you're in her presence, you realize that she's so much more than any one identity descriptor. She's a beacon of light—she emanates love and kindness in every situation.
Addis approaches hardships in her life as a lesson—deciphering what she can learn. Even through obstacles, she lives her life with grace, humor and wicked style. Everyday, she inspires women around her to love others and themselves.

S H O P   N O W

Linda Jean Leather Handbag

Linda Jean Zuick Tidball

Our Leather Handbags' 9 Inspirational Namesakes Revealed
You might remember our bags from last year that were stadium approved, the Ann and the Grace. Linda Jean is Ann’s mom and Grace’s grandmother. She loved being a mom, but she didn’t let that stop her from continuing her education. She sacrificed the opportunity to go to medical school to raise her young children. But, that didn't stop her from attaining a masters degree through night school. She was bright and quick witted. People flocked to her for her perspective, friendship and no-nonsense personality.
Seven years ago, Linda Jean’s life took a sharp turn when she was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease. When she was in a memory care facility, she was still a magnet to the people who get to spend time with her. Unfortunately, Linda Jean passed away on Sept. 22, 2019. You may pay your respects here.
We designed this bag for a woman after Linda Jean’s own heart.

Kiely Leather Convertible Backpack Shoulder Bag

Lisa Kiely

Explore: 9 Women Inspiring Our Leather Handbags
This bag is named after one of our biggest champions. She's been one of our most dedicated shoppers from day one.
Lisa Kiely does a lot. She's a small business owner and works a full-time job. She's also a mother, grandmother, and she's the primary caretaker for her elderly father. She can handle anything that comes her way—with grace, perseverance and love.
S H O P   N O W

Morrison Leather Accordion Card Holder

Toni Morrison

Meet the 9 Women Behind Our Leather Handbag Collection
Toni Morrison was, without a doubt, the greatest American writer of her time. We admire her integrity. Even though she didn’t have an easy childhood, she held her head high in the face of adversity. It’s the same approach we try to embody across Sapahn.
These words by Toni Morrison inspire us to be bold in our own lives:
"You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down."
"Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined."
"If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it."
We designed this bag to honor Toni Morrison, though we know it will never quite do her legacy justice.

Woo Leather Card Holder


Inspired by Greatness: The Names of Our Leather Handbags

We met only once, but she had such spunk, such fun loving energy that I wanted to make her design request come true. She was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She said, "Brooke, I'm getting old and I'm terrible about making sure I put my bus pass back in the right place. I need a small card holder for my bus pass that has a clasp to connect to my bag."
I can definitely relate. So, we made it for you, Woo. For you and all your friends, no need to fret about losing your bus card any longer. Sapahn has you covered!

Forten Leather Wristlet Wallet

Forten Sisters

Introducing: The Women Who Shape Our Leather Handbags

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, let us introduce the Forten sisters. Harriet, Margaretta and Sarah Forten fought for women's rights and the end of slavery. The activists spoke up at a time when their skin color forbade them.
They co-founded the first biracial, female abolitionist organization, the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society.
The Forten sisters advanced the suffrage movement and the abolitionist movement. We want to pay homage to their tenacity to protect human rights, and shine a light on their voices.
Thank you to the Forten sisters, for laying such a strong foundation for the fight we continue today.

Fisher Leather Card Holder

Gail Fisher and Eileen Fisher

Unveiling the Women Who Inspired Our Leather Handbags
Meet Gail Fisher and Eileen Fisher, two impactful women.
Gail was the first African-American actress to win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role in the detective series Mannix. Her career helped break down some of the racial barriers in Hollywood at the time.
Eileen is an American clothing designer and founder of the brand, Eileen Fisher Inc. The company has shown non-traditional models, and focuses on sustainability and human rights. Eileen’s vision is the same one we have, a world where businesses can be a force for good.
Which is exactly why we’re honoring two women with this new cardholder design.

Bohling Leather Money Clip 

Tod Bohling

Honoring 9 Remarkable Women Through Our Leather Handbags

Tod Bohling advocates for equality, space and opportunity for women. He invited me, Brooke, to speak to a women’s group and share my story. After my presentation, he shared with me the dream functionality of his ideal wallet. I listened to his needs and reflected his ideal wallet in the Bohling Money Clip design. We want to celebrate men, like Tod Bohling, who are strong leaders. They recognize the value female leaders and bring to the table. We all need champions in our corner. Thanks for being one of them.

S H O P   N O W