Best Sapahn Leather Handbags for Moms

When I became a mom, my handbag needed to be more than a cute purse. It had to fit everything for me and my little guy, Micky. Like diapers, bandaids, various snacks, a breast pump, bottles, a change of clothes, toys, a wallet, a phone and… well, you get the gist. 

Becoming a mother inspired me to design stylish leather handbags that also functioned as a catch-all for Micky’s stuff. And, I wanted to make sure that these designs would transition through life’s seasons; a sustainable leather handbag that wasn’t just functional, but that was high-quality, long-lasting and very stylish.

As a mom, you really just can’t sacrifice function for style. You need a handbag that’s dependable, but that also sparks joy when you carry it. Really, life gets crazy when you’re a mom (understatement of the year), but my hope that your Sapahn leather handbag is source of reliability, beauty and optimal functionality so you feel like yourself and not like a pack mule!

So, here’s the low-down on which Sapahn handbag works best for your lifestyle. These are our best leather handbags for work to daycare and everything in between.


Addis Leather Backpack

  • Best for new moms with infants.

  • Functions as a backpack or diaper bag.

  • Seamlessly transitions from work to daycare.

  • Front and back pockets help keep your planner, computer and wallet organized.

  • Side pockets easily fit your S’well water bottle or umbrella.

  • Enough space for a pump, diapers, creams, wipes and a change of clothes.

  • Bonus: super comfortable to wear even when it’s packed full.

S H O P   N O W 


So Honey Weekender

  • Best for new moms with infants.

  • Our largest bag, so it can hold everything for your little one and yourself.

  • A stylish diaper bag that transitions into your favorite carry-on travel handbag.

  • Wear it crossbody or over the shoulder.

  • Three large interior velcro pockets to organize toys, diapers, pacifiers, change of clothes, swaddle and snacks.

S H O P   N O W


Rider Leather Crossbody

  • Best bag for life post infancy when you need to carry some things, but not everything.

  • Functions as a beautiful messenger bag and toddler bag.

  • Designed to easily see everything and to quickly locate whatever you need.

  • Carry all your essentials securely with a top zipper and a full-coverage flap top.

  • Includes an easy-access back zipper pocket for your go-to items.

S H O P   N O W sapahn-leather-amelia-backpack

Amelia Backpack

  • Great design for a mom with a toddler.

  • Lightweight, comfortable leather backpack.

  • Transitions beautifully from play dates to wine dates.

  • Stylish design to wear for going out with friends.

S H O P   N O W 


Chloe Convertible Backpack Crossbody

  • The best leather handbag for a mom on the go.

  • Our most elegant and sophisticated design.

  • Transitions from office meetings to parent-teacher conferences.

  • Most versatile design: wear it as a crossbody, sling or backpack.

  • Keeps your hands free to run after your kids!

S H O P   N O W