The Biggest Color Trend for Winter 2020, According to Pantone

The Biggest Color Trend for Winter 2020, According to Pantone

Trade in your black for a new neutral—Biking Red.
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When I saw this color on Nicole Kidman at the 2019 Golden Globes, my jaw dropped. I mean, is this not the most beautiful color you've ever seen? I quickly grabbed my computer and started Googling to figure out the name of this particular color.


Biking Red Color Trend


Was it called merlot? Mulberry? Soon, I came across Pantone's Biking Red — a soft, luxurious yet strong red with blue undertones. Biking Red made its debut on the red carpet and was soon heralded a 'new Winter neutral', according to Pantone and Glamour. 


Sapahn Biking Red Oil Leather Handbags


Biking Red is the perfect hue for an elegant style. It's powerful without calling too much attention to itself. It's so sophisticated which is perfect for our Sapahn customers. And, it can easily be incorporated into a work wardrobe with its visual weight—it truly anchors any outfit and always attracts the eye. According to Glamour, Biking Red is "a romantic sibling to Chili Pepper."


Sapahn Leather Biking Red Oil


So, after devouring as much Biking Red inspiration as I could, I knew I had to incorporate this rich color into our Fall/Winter Collection. Together with our leather artisans, we picked cow hides and dyes. Let me tell you... our Biking Red Oil Leather is unreal. It's so soft and buttery to the touch.


Sapahn Biking Red Oil Leather


Being an entrepreneur, you have to make a lot of decisions based on your instinct. You just don't know the future, but I had a gut feeling this color was going to be a hit! So we made it available in every design. What I love most is the iridescence of this color—the natural sunlight really brings out the purple undertones while indoor lighting plays off the red hue.


Sapahn Leather Biking Red Oil


So, are you as obsessed with this color as I am? I have to say—it's been one of our most popular colors. People gravitate towards it just like I did! Do you have a Biking Red Oil Leather Sapahn handbag or wallet? Let me know in the comments below!





Images sourced from: Far Fetch / Nordstrom Rack / H&M / Net-a-Porter / Saks Fifth Avenue / Far Fetch