Amara Silver Bib Necklace -  | Sapahn.
Amara Silver Bib Necklace -  | Sapahn.

Amara Silver Bib Necklace

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Our gorgeous handmade silver jewelry will wow you with its sturdy construction, patina finish, and delicate craftsmanship. The talented rural Thai artisan community behind our skilled jewelry creations learned silversmithing from the famous Karen Hill Tribe.

Typically in the silver industry, melted silver is placed into a mold. However, our talented artisans craft each sapahn piece without the use of any molds, using intuition and skill passed on through generations of silversmithing. We celebrate the small variations and imperfections in each piece which reflect the artist who created it and tells its own unique story.

The process begins by melting down small pebbles of pure silver into bars. Hammered, flattened and stretched, each bar begins to take its own shape. Precision, patience and skill ensures that each piece stays within 1-4 grams of its original size. Artisans mix small amounts of copper to provide strength, as silver is a soft, delicate metal. Industry standard is 92.5% silver purity. Sapahn silver ranges from 95-97% purity. Slight variations and imperfections are part of the beauty of handcrafted pieces. In Sapahn’s silver pieces, something runs deeper than the mold, something with a story to tell.

*Each piece is one of a kind and will vary.