The inspiration behind our latest collection: The Good Life

The inspiration behind our latest collection: The Good Life

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As a company started while our founder + designer, Brooke, was traveling, we have always drawn color inspiration by the many cultures she has been so honored to experience. This past year, COVID halted all of our travel plans and we all were forced to spend more time at home, more time in our own backyards. 

Unveiling the Inspiration Behind Our Newest Collection: The Good Life

And while we missed traveling and seeing friends and family, we also got more time with our immediate loved ones and were reminded of the beauty of our home state, Nebraska. 

Exploring the Inspiration for Our Latest Collection: The Good Life

With its rolling waves of yellow fields, the bluest skies offset by the whitest clouds, Nebraska has a beauty all of its own. The sky changes throughout the day, setting in a bright crimson raspberry with a sunset spanning the horizon you will only experience here. That same sky can be unforgiving and relentless, quickly turning a smoky grey and rumbling with a vengeance as a humid storm passes through, and leaves that after-rain smell all Nebraskans know so well.

Discovering the Story Behind Our Fresh Collection: The Good Life

This is where we grew up, where we learned to show kindness and make friends of strangers. Where we were never told we couldn't dream big dreams. These humble beginnings and all the people we've made community with here, are the reason why Brooke was able to dream up Sapahn in the first place. 

Delving into the Inspiration for Our Recent Collection: The Good Life

So our upcoming collection celebrates Nebraska and our roots, with colors found in the sweeping plains and unobstructed horizon. And to honor those Nebraskan women who paved the way before us, we've named all our newest styles after historical Nebraska women who've inspired us and have helped truly make this place The Good Life.


Behind the Scenes: The Inspiration for Our Latest Collection, The Good Life