Go behind the scenes of a sapahn photoshoot

Go behind the scenes of a sapahn photoshoot

Last week we finally got to share our latest collection, The Good Life, with all of you, and wow, was it fun to see how much you all are loving the new colors and styles! If you haven’t taken a peek at our new, playful spring/summer colors, head over to our shopping page and take a scroll.

With any new collection there is a lot of planning and prep work that goes on leading up to launch day. And one of the most glamorous parts is the photoshoot.

Gorgeous outfits, fresh, dewy spring makeup, the best buttery-soft leather handbags...those are the making of a dreamy day. 

It's always so fun to share these behind-the-scenes moments with you. We hustle hard during our photoshoots to accurately capture our new styles and colors, but we also have a lot of fun with a group of women we admire and are honored to work with.

So here is an insider's view of our 2-day shoot and all the style, beauty, and laughter that goes into getting photos of our newest collection.


Day one is all about model photos and capturing our bags on real women. Before anyone else arrives, the sapahn team organizes all the bags in all the colors and it's truly the first moment we are seeing them all laid out together. It is a beautiful moment to see the last six months' of design work ready to take center stage.

Behind the Curtain: A Glimpse of Sapahn's Photoshoot

Next, the models, makeup artist and stylist arrive to start working magic. Before we even get to this moment, we have met with our stylist, Maddie, at some of our favorite local boutiques (and now neighbors) to pick out all the amazing outfits and shoes. Our makeup artist, Amanda, has seen our vision for beauty for this season. And our models, Alyssa, Anne, and Jala know the general vibe and attitude we are aiming for in poses. It is really inspiring to see all these creative women come together to bring our vision to life.

Unveiling the Process: Sapahn's Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

A little before shooting begins, our photographer, Nikki, arrives to go through our shot list and chat about lighting, angles, etc. Nikki has shot our bags from the start, so at this point, she is super familiar with our brand and our products.

With that, the click of the camera begins and we all get into a flow. Switching out bags with different looks. Swapping models in and out. Changing outfits and props. It is such a thrill seeing your vision come to life. We have anticipated every detail, from the makeup looks to the styling to the lighting, for months—to watch it all come together is amazing.

The afternoon winds down and we take the last of the needed shots. Before we move on to day two, we take a moment to marvel at how lucky we are to get to work with this amazing group of women who represent our brand so flawlessly in each of their respective areas of expertise. 

Explore the Making of Sapahn: Behind-the-Scenes Photoshoot


An early day starts with coffee in hand. While the glitz and glamor of outfit changes and makeup are gone with the day before, today we get to focus on what we love -- the bags! Today’s shoot is all about capturing their functionality, quality, craftsmanship, and refined beauty. And all the new colors. Oh the colors. It's particularly exciting to see these bright spring/summer colors pop against the fresh white studio backdrop.

We spend about half of the morning capturing product detail shots, that show customers the ins and outs of each style on our website. We want to make sure customers can really envision a bag before they buy it - from the lining to the pockets.

After individual product shots, we get back to our creative side and staging beautiful collection shots that highlight the colors and styles as a whole. It is a team effort to bring these creative shots to life. 

For the rest of the afternoon we focus on both social media content (while we are in this beautiful space, we might as well get some additional photos, right?) and video content. Our videographer, Alex, captures all of our new styles in video format, showing what all fits into each of our bags. It really illustrates how this bag will fit into our customers' lives—from busy moms to sophisticated working ladies, our bags are as dynamic as all of you and we want to make sure to show that!

And with that, the photoshoot is done! We pack up all the bags, clean up the studio and take a quick moment to admire the beautiful space we have spent the last two days in. It’s been a whirlwind, but one we look forward to each and every season. 

Dive Deeper: Behind the Scenes of Sapahn's Photoshoot

Thank you to everyone who brought their talents to this shoot, we could not bring our vision to life without you!

Photography: @nikkimoorephoto
Styling: @thefrugalfox_
Clothing: @shopselectstyle
Shoes: @pattinoshoes
Makeup: @amandalee.artistry
Props: @rosejoyevents
Video: @suitandtiefilms
Space: @commonspacestudio
Models: @webstera89, @annebachmann, and @jala_marieee