ONE TIME ONLY: Silver is back - Join our Pop-Up!

ONE TIME ONLY: Silver is back - Join our Pop-Up!

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Is this music to your ears or what?!

We no longer have silver in our store, and so many of you have reached asking how to get your hands on some (or get some on your hands?) - NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

You have to act fast - our stock is limited. In last week's pop-up we sold out almost immediately! 

The silver lining (pun intended) is that now ALL Sapahn customers coast to coast can take advantage of the same high-quality Sapahn silver at a special discounted price of ...

30-50% OFF!
Here's what you need to do to join our Silver Sale Pop-up:

1. Head over to our FB group for the Sample Sale Pop-up Party JOIN NOW >> 

2. When the party starts at Noon CDT, find the Silver Sale Album to start shopping

3. See something you want to buy, simply comment sold in the comments and DM us your email address.

4. We'll send you an invoice and you have 12hrs to pay the invoice.

5. Once paid, we'll ship it to you!

MONDAY, MARCH 30th AT NOON CDT:  This is when the sample sale starts. At noon on Wednesday you'll find me doing a live FB video showing you all the items on sale, so feel free to ask any questions in that thread, too!

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: So they don't miss out on this great opportunity to treat themselves and others while supporting a super-cool company. ;)

Simply forward this email to all your pals you think would love to join or share the FB Group!

I CAN'T WAIT to see you there ... AGAIN!