3 Ways to Wear Daring Colors: Admiral Blue

3 Ways to Wear Daring Colors: Admiral Blue

Surround Yourself With This Color for Calm and Confidence in 2020

Hellooooo Admiral!

I have a new color crush - Admiral Blue. It has the type of boldness and confidence we crave for this new season.

New year, new decade - new deep color to set the tone. 

And it’s the #1 reason why we’ve claimed the admiral as one of our newest colors in our Spring and Summer collection! Similar to Pantone's color of the year, "Classic Blue," our intense shade has hints of velvety purple giving it instant poise, and this hue makes any outfit elegant in its simplicity.

Bold Statement: Wear Admiral Blue as a Monochromatic Look

This color is also a fun dichotomy: Exciting, yet relaxing. Bright, but deep. Layered in its complexity, yet simple in its beauty. It just ticks all the boxes, doesn’t it? Instantly instills calm, confidence and connection in any way you apply it. It’s a meditative color that offers refuge from a busy life. No matter how you wear it, this vivid hue makes an impression.



The admiral’s playful pop of color compliments all skin tones, but adding such a forward color to your wardrobe might feel a little intimidating for some. This is why we love it so - it makes the perfect accessory. It pops without overwhelming - it makes a statement without taking over the conversation. A little pop around your neck as a necklace, or a spark on your wrist never hurt nobody! Admiral blue shoes create a fun, unexpected surprise to any outfit.


Sapahn Style Tip #1: Style Neutral looks with Daring Details

Predictable and boring isn’t our thing. Black, whites, grays or even brown and beige lay the perfect backdrop to add bold accessories. A bold pop of color adds surprise and fun. 

Accent Piece: Incorporate Admiral Blue Accessories into Neutral Outfits

Of course, when it comes to the perfect accessory to complete the look - we can’t help but recommend our gorgeous Sapahn Leather Handbag in Admiral Blue! We’ll have all of our designs available in this new color.

Sapahn Style Tip #2: Go Monochromatic

We’re loving the monochromatic outfits; such a tasteful way to play with fashion and yet look so chic and sophisticated. Since the color blue has such varied hues, it’s easy to style an outfit with tonal colors. Try mixing Admiral Blue with pastel blue—mixing with lighter shades softens the outfit. 

Pop of Color: Pair Admiral Blue with Contrasting Colors for a Vibrant Ensemble

One style we're eager to wear - a light blue floral dress with our Linda Jean Leather Crossbody in Admiral blue.


Sapahn Tip #3: Dare to Wear Daring Details

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns; when paired with Admiral Blue, it makes an elegant statement outfit. A style must - pair it with orange, its complementary color. Grab a pair of bright orange summer block heels to go with your M Leather Crossbody in Admiral Blue. Or, wear a classic outfit like jeans and a nautical-striped top and wear the Addis Backpack in Admiral Blue as a pop of color.

Mix and Match: Experiment with Admiral Blue in Color-Blocked Outfits

We’re so excited to introduce this color in our 2020 Spring/Summer collection! All of our designs will be available in the Admiral Blue oil leather. 

As always, look good wearing Sapahn and feel good knowing it’s fair trade and artisan crafted. To read more about our leather, click here.

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