We all have those women in our lives who inspire us through the light they bring to their families, communities and the world around. Beacons of the beauty, grace and power we all have inside, even in times of darkness. They challenge us. They encourage us. They make us want to be better. 

Our newest collection is dedicated to these trailblazing women, who have shown the strength and conviction to overcome adversity, or have simply given others the space to feel like they belong, are heard, are valued. From women in our personal sphere to those on the world’s stage, these luminaries remind us we don’t have to walk through the darkness alone. And that each of us can be a trailblazer in our own path and journey. We just have to find the light.

Read their stories here.

Featuring strong, feminine colors reflecting the power of womankind, we hope this collection illuminates your path as you carry forward and onward. 


Blush Raw Leather

Stone Oil Leather

Moss Raw Leather


A note from our founder:

The last 18 months have been heavy for many of us. Through all the ups and downs, it can be hard to keep out of the darkness. As I thought about our Fall 2021 collection, I was continuously reminded that there is always light, always something bright to carry you forward. With each day, after the darkness the night brings, the sun always shines. And even in the depths of night, there’s the moon, shining brightly even when there seems to be no light at all. 

I have been inspired by many women throughout my life, some who have directly impacted my path and others who have acted as a beam of influence. Throughout the 11 years of sapahn, I’ve honored those women in the small way of naming all of our bags after them–my way of sharing their stories with all of you. This collection was no different—I focused on women whose light is impossible to contain. Light that spreads like wildfire, igniting something in all of us. Light that has the power to get you through the darkness.

I hope their stories inspire you too, and help you shine through the darkness like the bright and beaming light that you are.