3 Things We Want When We Can't Leave The House

3 Things We Want When We Can't Leave The House

Everybody’s talking about what we want when we can't leave the house. I’ve chatted with so many of you and asked “What are you into during this time? What do you need?" And believe it or not, we have a lot in common. Three common themes emerged: comfort, simplicity and invest.
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When's the last time you left the house?

When's the last time you put on real pants? (no, leggings are not real pants. We're talking about the kind that don't stretch and probably involve buttons or a zipper)

Yep, it's been a while.

As we're all aching for things to get back to normal, one thing's for certain -- everyone is talking about what we want when we CAN'T leave the house. 

Over the last several months, we've talked with you, our customers and fans through social media, email, text messages, and we've learned a lot about what you're into, what you need, and how you're doing.

And believe it or not, we all have a lot in common! 

Three things in fact....

1. You all want to be comfortable! 

When the world shut down, so did our norms. You rode your pajamas right past noon, straight into the sunset … and then, well, bed. We're inspired by celebs like Gabby who even managed to rock PJs for the whole fam and make it almost red-carpet worthy: 

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Bras came off and only made appearances for Zoom calls. Hair rode high in buns (or matted under hats) and if the pants don’t stretch, don’t even waste our time.

But then you realized something.

After a while, leaning in that hard to comfort can give us a case of the blahs. Perhaps you realized comfort was important, but you still want to feel good about yourself. Even Selena Gomez needed to find her center to resume work at home (this is a pretty cool home studio!): 


Maybe your cozy gear was still cozy, but it matched and looked cute. Hair finally got washed. And maybe a little mascara too, what the hell...

At Sapahn, we pulled out the bags ideal for "comfort" as well - knowing that we're not commuting farther than the bedroom to the living room some days. 

Either way, Roger seems to be a fan favorite for the "I'm comfortable, but still have my integrity" look we're trying to go for.

This cute little bag is small, versatile, but fits WAY MORE than you'd think, our customers tell us they can't seem to live without their Roger. We can see why.


 2. You all want simplicity!

Every crisis comes with an incredible gift - the revelation of what really matters.

Our fast-paced, high consuming, erratic, distracted world came to a stop - and for once, we could actually see, recognize and feel - the beauty and goodness all around us. 

Our family. Our health. Our friendships. The immense beauty of nature and a warm walk in the sun. Good, healthful, soulful food. A roof over our heads. 

We no longer “needed” more “things” - just a few simple tools to make our lives easier. We want ease.

Essentials only. Things like:

  • One good french press for a good cup of coffee.
  • A small, simple, cute bag that carries the essentials.
  • A good comfortable pair of flip flops for quick errands and walks. 

It all comes down to simple, high quality, beautiful tools that enhance our life - not overcomplicate it. 

So many of you fell in love with Mini M. Small enough to be a wallet, but roomy enough to hold everything you need. Huge bags aren’t needed for a quick trip to Walgreens. 


Others of you found the simplicity you were searching for in the Grace Mini- perfect for those strolls around the neighborhood.

Especially when your stretchy pants don't have any pockets! 


3. You all want to invest in people, pieces, and experiences (us too).

So many of you also told us you're in a season of investing.

  • Taking more time to go deeper into our relationships.
  • Investing in your health.
  • Investing in your spiritual life, mental health and education.

We’re getting rid of whatever is cheap and useless, and investing in quality - whatever serves us and those around us best.

A really good bra. A beautiful but functional coffee cup. An online Masterclass. The good pen that’s smooth like butter.

During a recent sidewalk sale, so many of you gravitated towards our 4-in-1 bag Chloe, and when we asked why, what we heard repeatedly was - “I need a good, timeless, staple.”

Something beautiful, well made and functional. Something versatile for uncertain times.

We so get it. 

What is most interesting about all of this is that many of us are feeling, needing and wanting the same things!

We hope during this time, we all find comfort, simplicity and the ability to invest in what truly matters. 

And wear pajama bottoms to meetings for the rest of our lives. Molly and Mindy get us.

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When pajamas become “outdoor clothes”.

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