Meet Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista | Top 5 Sapahn Favorites

Meet Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista | Top 5 Sapahn Favorites

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Fashion, photography, quality, and sustainable products are why I love working for Sapahn. I’m recently a new mom to a little amazing boy, named Rocco. I’ve been in the world of retail for 10 years now, and needed to find a new way to balance motherhood, and a my strength of photography and passion for social media. Sapahn was the perfect match. I’m able to photograph fabulous products, engage with a global community on social media and be hands on mother at the same time.


Though it’s hard to narrow down some of my favorites, I’ve selected my top five Sapahn products.

My Top 5 Sapahn Favorites 

#1 Ciara Oversized Wallet: The reason I love this wallet so much is because of its versatility. It acts as a clutch, wallet, and wristlet, not to mention it holds everything I need. Not only does it come in a beautiful array of 14 colors, its perfect for any season. It holds all my cards, cash, checkbook, coupons, and most importantly my cell phone. The beautiful hardware makes it easy access to open, and close. The surprise wrist strap slides in and out, to make it change from wallet to wristlet in a matter of seconds. I recently took the Ciara out with me for date night, which is now a rare occurrence, and she was the picture-perfect companion along with my husband.

Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista

#2 Fishnet Infinity Scarf: The second item that I’m in love with is the fishnet infinity cotton scarf. This scarf is so soft, and full of texture. The imperfections add to the beauty, and make it one of my must haves for fall and winter. Being a new mom who’s on the go a lot, this scarf is an easy throw on with a tee shirt and jeans, and your good to go. Each scarf is ethically handwoven by women in Thailand, which makes each one individually special. The fishnet infinity scarf is available in a variety of colors. I’m not going to lie; this is one you need in multiple color options, its quickly becoming my fall uniform. This cotton scarf will provide a simpler shape, but will still add interest to your look without adding to much bulk. If you ask me, the Infinity loop scarves will once again be one of fall’s most-wanted accessories, but I’m not complaining, I want infinity scarves to stick around forever.

Top 5 Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista

#3 Rodica Backpack Crossbody: Hands free, multiple pockets, and holds everything I could need and more. The Rodica backpack tote is simply everything I ask for in a handbag. It is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment. So when I throw my backpack straps on, I’m ready to take on the day. While holding the diaper bag, car seat, and on most occasions a dog leash, the Rodica stays in place, with my belongings safely in tact. The qualities of leather, and the whimsical lining, are the extra details that make sapahn handbags stand out.

Top Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista

#4 Carmina Champagne Choker: It's a trend that's been creeping back thanks to an overall '90s revival. The choker, is simple yet a statement. The Carmina Champagne choker has elegance, texture and creates that perfect dimension with any outfit. I feel this piece can be styled from day to night, with an easy transition. Each necklace is handcrafted by Thai artisans, which adds to the unique style of each piece. The silver quality speaks for itself when dazzling from your neck. I prefer to add and take away the silver bobbles to enhance and change its overall appearance. I believe an additional perk when wearing this choker is how lightweight it is around my neck. This piece is perfect for any age, and a great addition to your wardrobe. The Carmina Champagne Choker is a timeless piece that will remain a classic.

*want just the choker? Sapahn has that for you, too! 

Top 5 Sapahn's Social Media Favorite Fashionista

#5 So Honey Weekender: The last, and certainly not least of my top five Sapahn picks is the So Honey Weekender. The bag speaks volumes, and you will fall in love at first sight. This bag can be used for multiple purposes. Currently my So Honey Weekender is being used as a diaper bag, purse, and it holds everything but the kitchen sink. You know what they say about “Mom Packs,” and this is the Holy Grail. The durable soft leather, and strong zipper allows you to pack it as you please. If traveling is in your holiday plans, this bag is a must have. From planes, trains, or automobiles no matter how you're getting to your destination, this bag does it all. Not only does this bag have a long shoulder strap, but also it has two deep handles to allow carrying it with ease. Pockets are my best friends, and The So Honey weekender has plenty. This bag is a helpful tool to remain organized, which certainly comes in handy for a new mom. My personal favorite is black, but this bag is available in staple colors such as Gray and Sepia Brown.

Top Favorite  Sapahn's Social Media Fashionista

Sapahn has so many other amazing products, that I could go on and on about each one. Investing in any of the sapahn products will prove to you the quality, and lasting life of each individual piece. I love that when you buy into sapahn, your not only getting a great product, but your helping make a difference in the world. You are supporting ethical labor practices and giving a voice to artisans who are the face of our loved goods. 

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