Our top bags of 2021

Our top bags of 2021

From some of our most beloved buttery soft leather styles to new styles from 2021, these were our customers' favorite sapahn picks this past year.  

Chain Strap

Our newest accessory, the chain strap, was a game changer in many of our customers' closets in 2021. This accessory can elevate any of our bags from casual to dressy and from clean to edgy. We also saw customers show off its versatility. It can be the main strap of the bag, doubled over to make a shoulder strap, used as a little bling on the bag, added to a wallet for a unique look, and yes, even worn as a necklace! The quality of the chain is really what makes it a favorite—it won't tarnish, pinch your skin or get caught in your hair.

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Unveiling Our Top Bags of 2021


The Staney is a top seller year after year for a reason. There is no other bag as stylish and versatile as our Staney. It is the perfect little bag for going out, it can be a wallet in one of your bigger bags, and can even be a belt bag. To really up the ante, you can add our Rheta Strap or Chain Strap for a completely custom look.

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Discover Our Best Bags from 2021


If you don’t have the Parker, you don’t know what you’re missing—trust us, this is a must have. This wristlet wallet is not too structured and highlights our premium, buttery soft leather perfectly. The two zip pockets fit any size phone and the leather gives enough to fit any number of cards. Whether loved as a wallet or a wristlet, the Parker is such a sophisticated option our customers turn to time and time again.

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Introducing Our Top Picks in Bags from 2021


If 2020 was the year of the mini bag, 2021 saw the resurgence of bigger bags, and our Chloe is the versatile larger bag customers come back to year after year. Chloe is the perfect everyday bag, travel bag, work bag, mom bag, you name it. Crossbody or backpack, customers were loving this best seller even more in 2021.

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The Best of 2021: Our Top Bag Selection


Customers loved our mid-sized Pepper Crossbody in 2021. A trendy small backpack or a perfect sized crossbody, Pepper's clean lines and great storage made it a fan favorite. Pepper also makes the perfect companion to many of our wallets and accessories: Noelle is the perfect size to go inside, our Chain Strap is a cute add-on, and our Evelyn can attach to the back for extra space.

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Explore Our Top Bag Choices of 2021


Introduced in the spring, Evelyn was a quick favorite of 2021. Wallet, wristlet, or as a small crossbody, Evelyn is so easy to grab for quick errands or toss into another bag. It is super cute with our Rheta Strap and is the perfect add-on to the Pepper and Ada. And a must, Evelyn fits any size phone. And as if that wasn't enough, you can shop our Sapahn Sequence to see all the must-have additions to your wristlet wallet! 

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Spotlight on 2021: Our Most Loved Bags


Remember that window of time in 2021 when we could go to concerts and sporting events again? Wasn't that lovely? That's where our Grace Crossbody really shined. Grace was a standout in 2021. We've declared her thee concert bag—small enough to get around any clear bag policies yet has all the room you need for your essentials. Grace was also one of our most popular gift options for the year. 

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Trendsetting Bags: Our Favorites of 2021

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