Mini bag styling with Erin of Style Thief Fashion

As a busy working mom of two, you'll usually see me running around town with a very large bag to hold all the essentials: phone, snacks, makeup, calendar, masks, toys my kids threw into my bag, sometimes shoes...who knows what you might find! While it's nice to have a larger bag during the day (my current favorite is the Rider Crossbody) for going out, traveling and other events I like to minimize what I carry and sapahn has several mini bags that I love! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite mini's and how I like to style them!

First, with all Sapahn bags, even though these are smaller, they are still practical! Sapahn thinks of everything in their designs so there is always a place for your credit cards, phone, keys and lipstick (which is a must for me!)
Winnie Jo is a great crossbody as well as wallet, perfect for summer adventures.
First, up is the Winnie Jo Wallet and Crossbody. I love to take this to meetings for work. It's sleek and compact, but still has plenty of space for everything I need. It looks chic as a wallet, but I also love that you can use it as a crossbody as well. You'll be hands free for those mid-day coffee runs for your coworkers! 
The Grace leather crossbody is a perfect bag for summer activities.
Next is the pretty and smart Grace Crossbody. This one is perfect for outdoor concerts, farmers markets, amusement parks...all those summer activities where you need the essentials (phone, keys, lipstick!) but not much else! I love the Peach Pink color for summer. I paired it here with a white dress and denim jacket--one of my favorite summer looks.  
The sophisticated Roger leather crossbody is an elegant essential for summer weddings.
When it comes to dressing up for a summer wedding, I keep it cool and simple. I love to wear a patterned skirt, a simple top and sandals. To complete my dressed up look, I carry the Roger Mini Crossbody. This little bag is structured, yet ladylike with the sweet little handle. There is room for everything you need inside and you can  wear the Roger as a crossbody or a belt bag too!
The Staney leather crossbody can be worn four ways and is the best versatile wallet, wristlet and more
My travel look is always the same uniform: Comfy joggers, a sneaker, t-shirt and denim jacket. And my favorite travel bag will always be the Staney. Staney is one of my all-time favorite Sapahn bags. It is the perfect compact size so it fits in any of your medium Sapahn bags, yet it still holds everything you need for travel and can be worn 4 ways: As a clutch, wristlet/wallet, crossbody or belt bag. I carry it as a crossbody as I go through the airport, use it as a clutch for evenings out, and it safely holds my ID, cash, phone and yes...a few tubes of lipstick too! 
Evelyn is a great leather grab and go option for your phone, keys and cards.If you are like me, your summer has been busy! Between work, travel and kids activities, we are always on the go! The Evelyn Wristlet Wallet is a must for busy mom's. It is sleek and compact, so it's easy to toss into any tote, swim bag or purse. When I'm running around on weekends between playdates and errands, I keep my look simple: Denim shorts, a white button down and flat sandals. The Evelyn wristlet completes the look. I especially love the Whisky color with this summer outfit, plus you can add a strap to make it a crossbody!

Whatever the rest of your summer holds from work to play to travel, the sapahn mini bag collection has you covered.