Go behind the scenes of sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection photoshoot

Go behind the scenes of sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection photoshoot

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We are counting down the days until we can share our 2021 Fall Collection with y’all so we figured now’s the time to give you a little sneaky peeky of what’s coming by going behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot.

Some of our favorite days, photoshoots are always simply magical. Not only do we get to see the handbag designs we’ve been perfecting for months styled with the most gorgeous clothes and shoes, on the most beautiful models (inside and out) but we have the absolute BEST time doing it. These are the types of days our team lives for, days where we can be creative and collaborative, and see our vision for the next season come to life. Like I said, simply magical.

So let’s take a look at our photoshoot for our Fall 2021 Collection, the first time we’ve had three days of shoots planned!

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection Photoshoot

Product Shoot

One of the most important sides of our photoshoots is the product shoot. With new colors, styles, linings, edits to current styles, there are a lot of details we need to capture for our customers to make sure our handbags are represented accurately online. This is the meticulous day for us, making sure each bag is shot from all the angles and that we get all the photos we will need for each product page of the website.

Going through each product in a methodological manner also makes us fall back in love with each design, what makes it unique and why we originally designed it. And while this day isn’t as creative as the others, we often find ourselves having deep and meaningful conversations as we go product by product. We always cherish this time with one another.

In addition to photos, we also capture some amazing videos to use on the product pages as well. We know one big question when buying a new handbag online is, “will all my stuff fit in it?” We shoot bag packing videos to help you answer this age old question.

Sneak Peek: Sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Model Shoot

Our next shoot is where the magic really starts to happen. We are back in the studio with all our buttery soft new handbags but now we’ve added in the fits—and fall means all the boots, coats, denim, sighhhh. Add in models that give all the looks and a killer photographer, and the pieces all fall into place to make for some outstanding photographs. With every click of the camera I know we are capturing some serious gold. We get into a flow of switching out bags with different looks, swapping models in and out, trying new angles and posing. It’s such a thrill to watch everyone in their element using their talents to showcase our handbags. We are so spoiled to get to work with the best on these shoots.

Discover the Making of Sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection: Behind the Scenes

Lifestyle Shoot

This season, we added in a third day, a lifestyle shoot out and about our city, and goodness it added a whole other dimension to our photographs. Studios are great for highlighting our handbags and the details of each. But this lifestyle shoot really brought the designs to life. We have always set out to design handbags for the multifaceted woman, and seeing our bags in real-life scenery brought them to another level.

We hadn’t done a lifestyle shoot in awhile and it felt good driving from spot to spot, selecting looks on the fly and just seeing where the afternoon would take us. Being out on location there is an element of the unknown, and that can make for some seriously unforgettable moments, moments you would not capture in a studio. We had a few of those that we can’t wait to share with you all. While we had all the amazingness from the studio day, not going to lie, it was hot as hell but we hustled to get as many shots as we could in a two-hour period. We had the golden hour of sun on our side and I’d say we all were anticipating seeing these shots the most.

Behind Closed Doors: Sapahn's Fall 2021 Collection Photoshoot Unveiled
So that’s a wrap on our inside look at what goes into all our beautiful photographs. Season after season we are always seriously so thankful to work with such talented individuals. We wouldn’t be able to bring our bags to life without them. Thank you to everyone who collaborated on this shoot!

Photography: @nikkimoorephoto
Styling: @_thefrugalfox_
Clothing: @shopselectstyle
Shoes: @pattinoshoes
Video: @suitandtiefilms
Space: @commonspacestudio
Models: @ayebrown, @melody_hegberg, @am.ber_smith, @jala_marieee