A behind-the-scenes look at our latest photoshoot

A behind-the-scenes look at our latest photoshoot

One of the most fun parts about preparing to share a new collection is the photoshoot! Amazing outfits, makeup, the best handbags . . . what girl wouldn’t love that? But what actually happens at a photoshoot -- I thought I’d share an insider's view of our 2-day fashion shoot.

We’ve been anxiously waiting to share our fall collection with all of you, and today is the day! If you haven’t taken a peek at our new, rich fall colors, head over to our shopping page and take a scroll. 

With any new drop there is a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes. And one of the most fun parts to plan is the photoshoot. 

Amazing outfits, makeup, the best handbags . . . what girl wouldn’t love that? 

As I talk with all our beloved customers, one of the most common questions I get during a new collection drop is what actually happens at a photoshoot -- so I thought I’d share an insider's view of our 2-day fashion shoot. 


8:00 AM
The day starts bright and early with coffee and a moment alone in the studio.

Photoshoots are some of my favorite days, when my creativity can flow and I get to see our new handbags and colors paired with beautiful clothes and accessories. Before the bustle begins, I take a moment to relish in what the day has in store.

9:00 AM
By 9:00, the photographer, videographer, stylist, makeup artist, production assistants and all the models arrive.

Oh, and don’t forget the bags -- all the buttery soft leather bags! At this point, you can feel the energy in the room. As one model is getting their makeup done, another is getting fitted in their looks.

I chat with the photographer to review the shot list while the production assistants make sure our handbags and any props are organized for the day.

Exclusive Peek Behind Our Latest Photoshoot

10:00 AM
By now it’s mid morning, and the last model is finishing up with makeup. We’re ready to dive into photos.

It is such a thrill seeing your vision come to life. We have anticipated every detail, from the makeup looks to the styling to the lighting, for months -- to watch it all come together is amazing. This is one of those days when I am reminded how much I love what I do.

Sneak Peek into Our Latest Photoshoot

2:00 PM

The day is flying bay and it’s hard to believe that we’re getting ready to wrap up for day one. For the past couple of hours, we’ve changed in and out of different outfits, done all the poses, given all the looks -- and had a little bit of fun in the process 😉

As the afternoon winds down, our brains are already on to day 2, where we get individual shots of the bags and all the angles to show of their beauty and functionality. As we finish up, I am amazed I get to work with such talented people.

Day 2

8:00 AM
Another early day, another coffee in hand. (sense a theme here?)

While the glitz and glamor of outfit changes and makeup are gone with the day before, today we get to focus on what we love -- the bags! Today’s shoot is all about capturing their functionality, quality, craft-womanship, and refined beauty. And all the new colors. Oh the colors. I am particularly excited to see how these rich fall colors translated in photos!

12:00 PM
By about lunchtime we are wrapping up detailed shots of each and every product in each and every color. I want to make sure customers are able to really envision this bag before they buy it - from the lining to the pockets.

We also spend the morning getting flat lay shots to show how these bags serve the multifaceted lifestyles of our customers -- from busy moms to sophisticated working ladies, our bags are as dynamic as all of you.

2:00 PM
Mid-afternoon we switch gears to video.

Along with some fun clips to use in social media, our main need is capturing all the items that fit into our bags, showing all the pockets and features of each. It’s the quietest part of the shoot with only three of us there, rotating bags in and out as we grab footage from overhead and front on.

Inside Our Latest Photoshoot

And that’s a wrap. We have packed up all the bags, cleaned up the studio, and I am left back in the beautifully lit space, in the blank canvas we started in 2 days ago.

Yes, it’s been a whirlwind. And it will be about a week before we get a peek at all the photos. However, in the meantime, I am already imagining being back here in the spring, with all the new pretties, and a whole new collection and concept to capture.

Thank you to everyone who we were able to collaborate and create with on this shoot!

Photography: @nikkimoorephoto
Styling: @thefrugalfox_
Clothing: @shopselectstyle
Shoes: @pattinoshoes
Makeup: @amandalee.artistry
Art: @the.charmingfox
Props: @paperkiteshop and @oftheearthflorals
Video: @suitandtiefilms
Space: @commonspacestudio
Models: @ayebrown, @lex.do.this, @a.kyoung and @bwimmer