6 stylish influencers we are loving right now

When it comes to fashion, we love finding new inspirations online!

And there’s no better place to go than the ‘gram. Ok, maybe that’s how all the cool kids say it - but Instagram REALLY is one of our favorite places to find new friends, clothing pairing ideas, wardrobe essentials, and more.

These fabulous ladies have caught our attention recently and we think you would love them too! Go on, give them a follow and like ❤️

As a stylist, she knows how to perfectly pair the latest trends with classic, timeless staples!

Why we love her: From teaching us how to master the french tuck to inspiring us to have fun with our clothes, Erin has us covered.

We would love to see her use our Grace Mini Crossbody as a belt bag with the classic french tuck look!


Abby is a body positive activist and unapologetic in her fashion choices. Her Instagram is oozing with confidence and personality!

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I feel so powerful in these photos and I think that’s a feeling we all undervalue too often. The majority of the time I’m so hyper focused on feeling sexy, hot, beautiful, elegant, cute or whatever other stereotypical feminine adjective there is. As a 6’1 plus woman, powerful is a word I would have dreaded to be described as several years ago because it felt masculine..... how fucked up is that?! That A) I associate it only as a masculine trait and B) that I was afraid of being anything other than ultra feminine. I have a lot of unlearning to do but I bet so many of you do as well. Tell me something that makes you feel powerful and then I encourage you to do it this week! I feel powerful in all leather while giving the finger to fashion rules by mixing black and brown. 🍂🍂🍂 #xoq #eloquii #plussizefashion #ootd #psootd #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #nycblogger #andigetdressed

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Why we love her: We love her for both for her bold statement-making outfits and her take on everyday elegance. Her confidence is contagious, and her self-love is why we keep coming back.

With her statement style, Abby would absolutely shine with our Roger Mini Crossbody in her arsenal.
Erica is a vintage babe, and we love that her thrifted and upcycled looks are sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

Why we love her: We love her boho looks and down-to-earth style. It seems so personable!

Don’t you think our boho favorite, the Jori Leather Crossbody, would seamlessly blend with her modern vintage vibes?


Janai is an insta crush not only for her fashion, but her instagram aesthetic is major goals. Second, all the shots of yummy coffees make us drool.

Why we love her: We love that Janai prioritizes ethical choices for her fashion picks! Something we clearly stand for!

Janai would look amazing in our Pepper Crossbody Convertible Backpack -- its versatility would be a perfect companion as she travels with coffee in hand.

Karin is delightful in her focus on a smaller classic wardrobe, and choosing quality pieces to build your closet.

Why we love her: She’s been carefully curating her closet, and the pay off shows. She inspires us to embrace a timeless wardrobe!

Did we mention she is a mom of 4? We’d love to see what Karin would pack in our So Honey Weekender.
Shelbi is a super mama with a keen eye for great style, both in her wardrobe and her home.

Why we love her:
We love that she centers on every day living within an every day budget. 

With a year and a half year old and another on the way, we think Shelbi would really love our Chloe Convertible Backpack -- the perfect bag to carry everything for baby plus room for mom too.
Who are your favorite Instagram personalities?
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