Enter the Name That Bag Giveaway to win 2 FREE Shopper Totes!

Sapahn celebrates stories; as much as we love to tell them, we also want to hear from you! That’s why we are so excited to announce our Name That Bag Giveaway.

At Sapahn, we know that we do not become who we are all on our own. Our mothers, teachers, friends, and confidants are an important part of our story. These everyday women are making amazing things happen every day, and we are helping one another make the world a better place.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to honor and celebrate the women in your life . But that’s not all — just for telling us about this wonderful woman, we’ll name our gorgeous, high quality leather Shopper Tote after her. Then, we’ll send both you and her a free tote! Easy, right??

Take a moment to reflect on a woman who deserves recognition for her influence on your life. Then tell us why you think our latest addition to the Omega Leather Collection should be named after her!

How to Enter

There are a few ways you can enter the Name That Bag Giveaway. Our winner will be chosen randomly, so the more entries you get, the more likely you are to win!

You can tell us about this special woman on Facebook or Instagram and receive an entry. You can:

    • Go live on Facebook and tell us why this woman deserves to have the Sapahn Shopper Tote named after her. In the description of your video, include the hashtag #bethebridge.
    • Upload a video to Facebook or Instagram and tell us about this wonderful woman. Include the hashtag #bethebridge in your caption.
    • Upload a photo of the woman you are nominating AND a post (200 to 500 words) about why this woman should be our Shopper Tote’s namesake. You can post this either on your own Facebook page or the Sapahn Facebook page. Don’t forget to include the #bethebridge hashtag!

You can also submit your video or image below! Simply fill out the form on this page for 5 extra entries. Feel free to submit on this page, on Facebook, on Instagram, or even on all three!

We will choose the winner on September 7, 2017. Not only will the beautiful Shopper Tote be named after the amazing woman in your life, but you’ll BOTH receive her namesake bag for free. Two bags, worth $600+, just for telling a lovely lady in your life that you appreciate her.

We’re excited to hear your stories and celebrate the women in your lives!