At Sapahn, we embrace our responsibility to respect human rights as outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We are accountable to our artisans and customers, and do business in a way that promotes the inherent dignity, equality and rights of all. We think deeply about how our business decisions and practices impact everyone in our value change. We listen to our artisans, problem solve with them, work with them to overcome challenges, and ensure that they are in a position to protect themselves, their interests, and each other.

At Sapahn, we’re building a bridge to a better world by harnessing the power of fashion to advance the rights of ALL people.

Sapahn Artisans

Our luxury leather bags and accessories not only look good— they’re helping make the world a more beautiful place by honoring the basic human rights of workers throughout our value chain. 

We’ve fully embraced a regenerative business model that prioritizes personal empowerment over charity—and human rights is at the heart of all we do.  

Our Human Rights Commitment in Action:

Wage fairness

Our artisans are empowered to set their own wages for their creations.

Fair payment Terms

We pay artisans in full once their goods have been created, whether we sell any goods or not.

Collective Organizing & Bargaining

Our workers have the right to organize, and are active in defining the terms of their work. 

Gender equality & the Right to Work

We create the conditions for women to overcome the obstacles of traditional gender roles and realize their human right to work.


We recognize the importance of offering wages and work conditions that are attractive to the local workforce, particularly the youth, who may be otherwise pushed into undesirable circumstances.

Right to Culture

We recognize the value of culture and traditions, and strive to create spaces where traditional ways of doing and making are integrated into our designs, materials, and processes.

Right to Religion

We safeguard the right to religion by avoiding standard hours and days and by providing space for spirituality and practice. 

Right to Wellness

We ensure that our workspaces support human well-being.

Occupational health & Safety

We invest in processes, materials, and technologies that safeguard the health of our artisans. 

Right to Environmental Health

We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and the impact of our business on the shared environment. 

Sourcing transparency & supplier commitments

We believe that customers have a right to know how their pieces were made, and how their purchases impact the world.

Fair Pricing

We price our bags and accessories in a way that ensures an equitable exchange of value between our suppliers, artisans, and our customers. No short-changing, and no price gouging. 

From the way we make our bags to how we run our business. In our relationships and in the community. In our words and our actions. Each touchpoint presents an opportunity to spread joy, foster positivity, and further our mission. 

When you carry a sapahn, you help #carryforward our belief that no one should be disregarded, dismissed, or discounted. Everyone is meaningful, and everyone deserves a life full of meaning. 

These are the principles sapahn was founded on in 2010 that continue to be the driving force behind our mission. Learn more about our origin story.
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