About Sapahn


Sapahn, meaning bridge in Thai, is a purpose driven company that partners with highly skilled artisans in rural Thailand to bring their products to a market that would otherwise be inaccessible to them and you.

Sapahn Artisans

Our approach, without compromise, puts human rights first. We’re fearless in our pursuit, because when you know better, you do better. And we’ve come up with a kick ass way for you to join us by using your purchasing power to do better. We are a group of strong, bold, dynamic women (and a few men) who are changing the way business is done.

We all deserve better than the cycle of exploitation in fast fashion. The products we buy are an extension of ourselves, they reflect what we believe in. As customers ourselves, we know that you don’t want to sacrifice on quality, design or functionality when you do good. With Sapahn you don't have to. We source fair-trade high-quality materials made to stand the test of time and take you on life adventures.

We’ve travelled thousands of miles over the last decade listening to understand our artisans needs, dreams and what empowerment looks like to them.

They’re not just our business partners, they are family and we will always set them up for success. Sapahn, meaning bridge in Thai, is that bridge between just knowing better and actually doing better. We put human rights first. Human rights are ultimately about putting people in a position where they can protect and advance themselves and their interests. If we want to have a positive impact in artisan communities, we have to start with human rights. We have to start with plans, processes and practices that enable everyone in our value chain to take action on their own behalf. Sapahn believes that this kind of human rights based approach is the only way to ensure that our brand is truly artisan friendly and artisan driven.

Sapahn Artisan Partners

Because people matter, and people care.

Everyone, everywhere deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We know you feel the same way so we’re making it easy for you to do something beautiful to change things for the better. We’re doing better because we know that the only way to truly change how we do fashion is to start from the source and ensure that the people creating our gorgeous pieces are empowered to decide how they do business.

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