What's Your Vibe? Strut Your Badass Style

What's Your Vibe? Strut Your Badass Style

Do Sapahn bags work for your hardcore lifestyle?

For many women, carrying a purse might feel like a necessary evil. Plus, plenty of women are much too practical for switching purses to match each outfit. These gals want a sturdy, low-maintainence purse that gets them from A to B for years to come. That’s where Sapahn comes in.


Strong minimalist woman with Sapahn M Crossbody bag

M Crossbody

We love this M Crossbody leather purse because it offers enough space for an iPad and large wallet, but you won’t be digging in it searching for your lost keys. Slip your phone in the external pocket and you’re on your way.


This bag is great for versatility - carry it by the hardware or with the crossbody strap for a different look transitioning from day to night. We love this as an addition to a capsule wardrobe, since this offers a classic professional look that also looks edgy when held by the hardware. This bag always looks as cool as you are. 

Awesome woman holding a Sapahn Rider Crossbody leather bag

Rider Crossbody

If functionality is your fashion goal, then the Rider is perfect for you. We love tossing this bag over cross body style when we jump on a bike to ride across town. This bag certainly won’t weigh your shoulder down, and it offers enough room for your phone, keys, wallet, and other necessities. Plus, the edgy style works perfectly with your favorite leather jacket.


Forget high maintenance style -- the Rider Crossbody is a favorite for every woman that wants to get out the door and go. The minimalist style will garner compliments everywhere you go, and you don't even have to try!


Stylish woman with Aida Mini Bucket Tote

Aida Mini Bucket Tote


If you’re anything like us, you love versatility. We want one bag that can do it all, and that’s the Aida Mini Bucket Tote. With four ways to carry this bag, you won’t mind bring this bag along to the airport, on a hike, to a festival, or out for the night. It’s perfect if you have to carry a tablet or a book with you, so commuters love it.


Not quite right for you? Take a look at our larger Diana Bucket Totes, with a similar design but more room for all your necessities. 



Sapahn Staney Crossbody Leather Bag

Staney Crossbody

Sometimes smaller is better. If you like to travel light, you’ll be surprised with how spacious the Staney is. Basically a necessity for any super organized woman, this gorgeous crossbody folds out into a trifold wallet with plenty of pockets for everything you need. Plus, it looks awesome with jeans and sneakers.


You’re a practical woman, but that doesn’t mean fashion is meaningless to you. In fact, here at Sapahn, we know that you demand a lot from your bag. That’s why we make classic, handmade leather bags that withstand the test of time.


At Sapahn, our beautiful things do beautiful things. Our bags are handmade by Thai artisans, who are empowered to set their own prices and express their culture and history through creation.


Have you done a beautiful thing today?