The Perfect Bag for Commuters

The Perfect Bag for Commuters

Where are you off to for your next adventure?


Whether you travel by bus, car, train, or plane, we all share the same struggle when it comes to traveling. Which bag do we carry that is the most convenient, sophisticated, and can easily organize our necessities?


We have enough things to worry about before we get out the door in the morning, so making sure that your bag is ready for the day is one thing that shouldn't hold you back. That's why Sapahn has numerous bags that fit the bill for commuting to work or school.


Between catching the morning train for work, traveling in the city, or heading to the gym, we know we have the perfect commuter bag for you. Here are a few of our bags that are essential for traveling because of how versatile they are!


Long distance commuter 


So Honey Weekender


Sapahn So Honey Weekender


When you're off on a weekend getaway or travel a lot for work, you want to make sure you have a bag that can basically fit your whole life in it, right? Well, you may not be able to fit your whole closet in this purse, but you sure can fit a whole weekend's worth of clothes!


The So Honey Weekender is extremely spacious and has so many pockets so you can say goodbye to wasting time digging for something in your purse. This bag is especially great for traveling because of the multiple pockets. There is a deep pocket on the outside that's ideal for holding your ID, boarding pass and phone.


We also love to store lipsticks and other small necessities in the Ferri Zip and then throw that little organizing bag into the So Honey. You can comfortably carry this bag over your shoulder with the long shoulder straps or as a crossbody with the removable crossbody strap. This bag is also great for new mothers on trips to the pool, or for gym enthusiasts for carrying your yoga and workout gear.


Nora Shopper Tote


Sapahn Nora Shopper Tote


The Nora Shopper Tote is a great option for everyday traveling as well as traveling by plane. This tote is just the right size and it makes the perfect carry-on bag. You can easily throw in a light blanket, computer, and books as well! This bag comes with double-suede expandable pockets as well as a full-length zip pocket which makes organizing a breeze.


If you want to clasp your keys and keep them close at hand, it also comes with a D-ring, which is super handy. Talk about an organizer’s dream! If you find yourself constantly digging for items in your purse, this could be a great one to invest in. This purse is beautiful and very practical for any occasion.


Bike commuter


Rodica Backpack Tote


Sapahn Rodica Backpack Tote


Our Rodica Backpack is perfect for a biking commuter. Simply throw it on your back and go! This backpack can fit a 15-inch computer and has multiple pockets that help to keep you organized.  This bag also has exterior pockets that can everything from your phone and wallet to a tablet. These pockets make it super convenient when you need to throw in your necessities to keep them easily accessible.


Another great thing that many people love about this bag is that it can easily be turned into a purse with the two handles at the top. I especially love this bag in red; it is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe. We love using it with the Ciara Oversized Wallet, which is a total game changer when it comes to organizing. 


Car and train commute

M Crossbody


Sapahn M Crossbody


The M Crossbody has a very sophisticated and classy look to it. This is the kind of purse that makes you look and feel good. This crossbody is perfect for the office, an interview, or a date night. It's purposefully designed with a two-way zip closure, which opens wide to reveal a larger leather sleeve where an iPad or smaller tablet can be secured.

There are two deep suede pockets that make it perfect to slide in your sunglasses, phone, or keys. This purse is full of endless opportunities; it can be worn with anything because of its clean and structured look. It is no surprise that this is the brand-favorite year after year.


Audrey Crossbody


Sapahn Audrey Crossbody


If you are looking to find a perfect simple bag, we have you covered. The Audrey Crossbody might just be the perfect bag for you. This crossbody is ideal for holding all of your essentials such as phone, keys, lipstick, and your glasses! The Audrey is such an excellent bag for festivals, a night out on the town, or even a day full of running errands.


Another huge plus about this bag is that it is super lightweight. The leather is also super soft, so you can get the classy look that you are going for without having to sacrifice comfort and ease. One of the unique things about this purse is its shape; it opens up wider at the bottom which makes the bag a little more roomy to carry everything you need.


If you need a great complementary wallet, our Jess Wallet works super well to throw in this purse. The Jess Wallet will hold your credit cards and ID without completely filling your purse.


Whatever bag you find yourself leaning towards, the best thing to know is that all of these bags have been beautifully made specifically for commuters and each one of them has a different and unique lining in them. These bags are just a few that both the Sapahn team and our customers have raved about. There are so many fun and different colors that will also be coming out this spring, so make sure to be on the lookout for those soon!