Mini Handbags: What Fits Inside and How to Carry Them

Mini Handbags: What Fits Inside and How to Carry Them

The mini handbag trend might be controversial, but we have to admit we kind of love it! The ultra-tiny bags we’ve seen on the runways and red carpets are utterly hilarious, even if they’re not practical.

However, the mini purse trend doesn’t have to be absurd—it can also be incredibly practical!

These days, we aren’t leaving our house for long bouts of time, but when we do head out, there are still a few things we need to bring with us. That’s when a small leather handbag or mini backpack really comes in handy.

We’ve heard some customers put it this way—If your handbag is too big, you can lose stuff easily, especially if it’s not organized.

If this sounds like you, then you’re the perfect candidate for a mini bag!

What Can You Actually Fit in a Mini Bag

Not all mini purses are the size of a TicTac. In fact, they can carry exactly everything you need for day-to-day, without excess that’ll weigh you down. 

In the spirit of minimalism, here are the tiers of small handbag sizes, so you can figure out which will fit best with your lifestyle.

The bare essentials

When you’re just running out to the pharmacy or to have a socially-distant walk with a friend, you just need the most basic of essentials:

  • Your smartphone
  • A reusable face mask
  • A few cards or a little bit of cash.

That’s when a wallet with a detachable strap like our Staney is the perfect organization hack. It’s a wallet with just enough room for a couple of must-haves. You can wear it as a crossbody mini-bag when you’re just popping out, and the rest of the time, it can live in your larger bag as the perfect wallet. 

Beyond the basics

Mini bag in deep red is perfect for more than just the basics

Do you feel like you might need just a little more? Maybe you don’t have pockets, so you need just a little more space. Don’t fret, there’s a small handbag out there that will work for you. In addition to the bare essentials, the next size up will also fit:

  • A small hand sanitizer
  • A coin purse or card holder
  • Your keys

A small crossbody bag like our M Mini won’t be heavy, but it’ll carry those added items without a problem. The straps are removable, so it also functions as a gorgeous clutch or a small leather handbag.

The daily carry

This mini bag is a great option to carry daily

If you want to rock the mini bag trend all day long, you might need a small purse with a larger interior. Beyond the must-haves, it’ll also fit some luxuries you might want on hand for a more extended period out and about like:

  • Blotting sheets or pressed powder
  • A lipstick or balm
  • Your personal organizer
  • A pair of sunglasses

It’ll protect you from the trap of bringing ultra-heavy stuff that you don’t really need, like a tablet or a full makeup bag, but it’ll still fit genuinely useful items or a full-sized wallet.

You could consider a mini backpack like Pepper, which converts into a mini crossbody bag when you add a strap.

Find a mini bag that can be worn multiple ways, like crossbody and backpack.

How To Style the Mini Purse Trend

We’ve covered just how practical mini bags can be, but we’re also obsessed with how stylish they are. These small, simple, and modern designs made of sustainable, ethical leather add a chic touch to every look.

Here’s how real women style their bite-sized Sapahn bags!

Our Parker wristlet helps reflect the blue in Natalie’s shirt, and since she’s carrying it as a clutch, it also adds an upscale touch to her edgy, casual outfit.

All of our crossbody mini bags (Grace is the one in this photo) can be transformed into boho-chic belt bags, to give your shoulders a break.

Don’t be afraid of monochrome! Maddie surely isn’t, and she looks stunning with our peachy Roger bag which matches her lovely thrifted dress.

We live for this casual, street style glam! Staney in black adds just the right amount of elegance to Haley’s fun denim skirt and chunky sneakers look.

What are the daily essentials you absolutely have to have in your small purse? Do you have any mini-bag styling tips you’d like to share? Tag us @sapahn on Instagram to let us know!