Meet Marianne, our Bridge Sister

Meet Marianne, our Bridge Sister

This article was written by Sapahn shopper Marianne Worthington. If you would like to be featured on Sapahn and earn rewards toward your next Sapahn purchase, check out our Bridge Builder Rewards Program.


Marianne Worthington with her favorite Sapahn bag, rings, and bracelets


There are certain things I own that I if I lost them, it would feel like I’ve lost a part of me. They represent who I am in such a way that they become an everyday staple in self expression. They represent externally what matters most internally. I call these items lovemarks. 


I have a few lovemarks -- anything Apple, be it my iPhone, MacBook, or my watch; my oversized sunglasses I bought at a street vendor paired; and superhero t-shirts with cutout necks are also lovemarks. And some of the most beloved items I own are my pieces of Sapahn. They are effortless and bold. They make a statement. They say “Hey world. I’m here ready to rock it.”


Sapahn rings 


I remember the first Sapahn piece I ever received. Brooke (Sapahn founder and world traveler) asked me to lunch to have a business conversation. To thank me for my time, she let me pick out a ring of my choice. I wore it every. single. day. I’d be around town and someone would say “Oh! Sapahn!” I loved it. I loved that it made a social impact and I loved the unique style. It was that ring that changed the whole trajectory of my life and how I defined my style. Here are a few simple stories as to how I incorporated beautiful things doing beautiful things into my life. 


I travel, a lot. I also don’t own a lot of stuff, so what I do own matter tremendously to me. I remember the first time I traveled for work. I was carrying a name brand leather bag, but it didn’t zip. When the gate agent asked me for my ID, I had to dig to the bottom of the bag. Receipts fell out and books were stacked up on the counter. As I *finally* pulled it out, I said “I need to do better.” Enter the Ciara wallet. It has pockets for everything and even after being drenched in pouring rain, it still looks beautiful.  For me, items aren’t simply about fashion. They are about practicality. And this wallet, which has traveled over 150,000 miles with me, is something I can’t live without. 


My rings. Oh. My. Rings. As someone who travels often, I pack the same jewelry to wear all week, and my stackable rings have become a staple. Each has been picked out carefully. They make a statement, and most importantly, they start conversations. On my first trip to NYC, I started a conversation with a stranger sitting next to me. When I greet people who attend my trainings, people always comment on my rings. That allows me to smile and create safety and connection with my participants. They also complete any outfit. Whether I’m sporting short shorts and a t-shirt or dressed professionally, my rings complement my wardrobe.


Sapahn bracelets on a book


And the bracelets. I can’t forget to mention the bracelets. I love crystals. Some people think it’s weird, but for me they represent being intentional about how I lead my life. I have too many bracelets to count. But each morning I look at my collection and say “how do I want to feel today?” And based upon my feelings I carefully select my bracelets. See, for me, they aren’t simply fashion pieces. They are a reminder to be intentional about how to live my life. 


Be you. I say it to women at least 100 times a week. I’ve found my “be you” by wearing Sapahn every day. My lovemark pieces give me confidence. They express my values. They remind me of my authenticity and make be brave… in short, they make me feel beautiful. They truly are beautiful things doing beautiful things in my world. 


Marianne Worthington Be You with Sapahn