Let's Get Moving! Perfect Bags for Every Travel Babe

Let's Get Moving! Perfect Bags for Every Travel Babe

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Are Sapahn bags good for traveling?

Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, staying organized before a trip can be stressful. But not anymore! Sapahn bags are specifically designed to make traveling as easy as possible, so you can start enjoying your trip right away! Getting through TSA and keeping your things in order can be challenging, but you’re ready for adventure with Sapahn.


The airport is a breeze when you travel with the Ciara Oversized Wallet


Ciara Oversized Wallet

There’s nothing more annoying than digging through your purse while in line at the airport - for you or the people behind you! That’s why we make things simple with the Ciara Oversized Wallet. You'll get through TSA in a flash. Carry it as a clutch or wear it as a wristlet; this wallet is perfect for keeping your boarding pass, passport, ID, traveler’s checks, and cell phone close at hand. This one’s a great choice for frequent fliers.


The Sapahn So Honey is the perfect weekend getaway bag!


So Honey Weekender

Those who travel frequently will love our surprisingly spacious So Honey Weekender Bag. This duffel has enough room to pack everything you need for a short trip, with plenty of pockets to keep yourself organized while you pack. Slip it under the seat in front of you or toss it in the back seat for a road trip; either way, you’re prepped for the road ahead.


Exploring a new city is easier than ever with the M Crossbody


M Crossbody

Crossbody bags are always a go-to for traveling, and whether you’re running to catch a flight, exploring museums, or walking around town, you’ll love have everything you need close at hand with the M Crossbody. This gorgeous, modern bag has extra pockets to keep your things organized even when you’re in a brand new place.


The Rodica Tote and Backpack is the dream carry on bag!


Rodica Backpack


Students, businesswomen, and travelers all love our classic backpack, the Rodica. For those who like to travel light, this is the perfect carry-on for long weekends. You can also replace your shoulder bag with this backpack for practical travel anywhere you go. We also love it for hiking, biking, and any other adventures we end up on, especially because of the external pockets for a water bottle, phone, and keys.


Finding great travel bags is challenging, and Sapahn bags are great for helping you stay on top of everything whether you’re on a road trip or flying across the world. These bags are built to keep up with your adventures, no matter where life takes you. We make modern, gorgeous handmade leather bags that withstand the test of time.

At Sapahn, our beautiful things do beautiful things. Our bags are handmade by Thai artisans, who are empowered to set their own prices and express their culture and history through creation.

Have you done a beautiful thing today?