What Does Ethical Fashion Mean to You?

What Does Ethical Fashion Mean to You?

What does ethical fashion mean to you?


Many consumers won’t have the same answers as to what it means to them. This is the reason why it can sometimes be hard for the consumer to make well-informed decisions when purchasing sustainable products. When examining ethical fashion products, it is important that you first know some words portraying to ethical fashion.


What Does Ethical Fashion Signify?


Eco-fashion: refers to the fashion, marketing, merchandising and also journalism fields. This term is in reference to fabrics and fiber content of a product having little to no impact on the environment. As retailers, we have to be careful when making sure that our products are ethically secure and that fair trade laws are being followed. Sapahn has a system they follow to make sure that fair trade is one of their top priorities.

Defining Ethical Fashion: Your Interpretation


Fair Trade: This term is often related to social justice and corporate responsibility. Fairtrade is mostly related to developing countries. It ensures that workers in other countries have good, healthy working conditions and that they also receive a fair living wage.

Ethical Fashion: What's Your Understanding?


Ethical: This term is used to describe the trading, manufacturing as well as consumption and design of a product. Ethical actions have a huge benefit to many workers, animals and also to consumers. Eco- fashion is sometimes interchangeable with ethical fashion; the only difference is that ethical fashion is sometimes considered more politically correct.

Unpacking Ethical Fashion: Your Thoughts


Environmentally: This term is used when describing the natural world as well as the impact of human activity on its condition.


Sustainable: When a product is sustainable that means that it can benefit both the present and the future generations. A sustainable product will be able to provide environmental, social as well as economic benefits while also helping to protect the environment and public health as well.


 It can often be questionable just how many people genuinely care about sustainable products. After a lot of research, it is shown that consumers are always trying to support the idea of sustainable goods however, they are not investing the time when actively trying to seek out sustainable products. However, Over time people have started to become more concerned with environmental impacts and what their products are doing to the environment. Consumers that are already buying ethical fashion products are helping provide for more than they realize. Families, the environment, and whole world are benefitted from the use of ethical fashion products.


With ethical fashion and sustainable products beginning to rise up in the fashion industry, it is important to many companies that they have a statement behind their product. One huge thing that I love about Sapahn is that there is a story behind every product. The consumers who buy these products are helping Beautiful things do beautiful things. As a company, Sapahn strives to always make sure fair trade is one of the highest priorities for this company. They also want the consumers to love what they are purchasing while also loving the story behind what they are supporting.  We hope that you will choose to support ethical fashion products and help make a difference in this world!!