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Did a friend send you a code to claim your FREE Sapahn cotton face mask now? If so, you're in the right space. Or, if you'd like to just purchase one mask you can do here as well for $10. 

Your friend cares about you and wants to send you one FREE Sapahn face mask.

To claim yours:

  1. Simply add this product to the cart and
  2. Use the discount code from your email
  3. Enter your address & we'll ship it to you for free

*Masks are delivered in a mixed assortment of colors and patterns.

**Free Shipping is not included on our facemasks. 

Keep the bridge strong. Wear your mask. 

What to read more of the story behind our masks?

Brooke's Design Notes: 

Two weeks ago our artisans reached out to check in on us. They asked how we were holding up during the pandemic. They care deeply about you and me, our families, and our livelihoods. They wondered if the news was true - was the US in short supply of face masks? Is there any way they could help? 

Is there also a way we can help them recover from their loss of livelihood since the local Thai economy has plummeted?

They had a brilliant idea.

What if they took the scraps of cotton fabric leftover from Sapahn's handbags and made them into beautiful and effective face masks?

I about cried. 

Founder & Designer

Why You'll Love Our Face Masks:

  • Helps keep all our loved ones safe, as well as those around us.
  • Keeps local businesses alive here and abroad, ensuring workers are paid and can support their families.
  • Provides a fashionable, affordable, comfortable, reusable mask for those in need.


  • Sewn together using three layers of material.
    • Layer 1: is sewn with leftover lining from Sapahn bags, 
    • Layer 2: 100% cotton 
    • Layer 3: Muslin
  • Space to insert reusable filter from the side of the mask.
  • Elastic stretch ear loops 
  • Built-in nose bridge. 
  • Machine washer safe

DISCLAIMER: While these masks are not medical-grade they are still a vital and recommended source of comfort and safety for those most vulnerable, as well as frontline and essential workers.

Each piece is handcrafted by 22 artisans in Thailand who earn a fair wage and are able to achieve financial independence through your purchase.

Meet the Artisans

FREE shipping on all domestic orders – so great, we know!

Your Sapahn purchase will ship from Nebraska. Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours from the time of placement. Sapahn uses USPS, which includes a tracking number and $50 insurance. Upon shipment you will receive a shipment confirmation email, which will include your tracking number.

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Leather Types

Raw Leather

Our classic, high-quality full grain leather. Each piece of leather is perfectly ‘imperfect’, carrying unique grain patterns with no surface alterations or splitting, and an elegant matte finish. Over time these pieces will develop gorgeous individual patinas. 

Oil Leather

Our classic raw leather which has been oiled for a more uniform color appearance. This process provides a touch of water resistance and gives the bags a gorgeous glossy finish. These bags won’t develop patinas.


To keep bags looking fresh give them a wipe with a damp soft cloth. Our raw leather also benefits from being moisturized every now and again, read more here. 

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  • my coupon code for a free mask won't work either. FR-VldoFdrsrqbG8DQH

    Our apologies for any trouble you are experiencing! We'd be happy to help you get your free face mask. Can you please email hello@sapahn.com for further assistance? Thanks!

  • I'm trying to use my code and can't get it to work...can you help? My name is Donna London and my email is donnalondon1113@ gmail. Com. My code is FR-bx7uvQd7zIeI7ptzW

    Hi Donna, I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your code. I'll go ahead and send you way to claim your free masks via email now. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@sapahn.com if you have any other questions.

  • Hello, A friend just sent me a link to get a free mask. I inadvertently moved forward on the site, without copying my coupon code. Now I can't get back in to use it. Can you help with this? My friend's name is Shari Stenberg (she did the initial order) My name is Rose Holz Thanks for your help! Rose

    Hello! We'd be happy to help you! The best way to do so would be first to get your email so we can send you the link. Please email hello@sapahn.com and we'll get you taken care of.

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