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Wild Side Leather


Each year, Sapahn stitches up a completely new leather collection in collaboration with artisan couple Susie & Tom. This year, we took A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE using vibrant pony-hair leather for a statement piece that stands the test of time. The inside of each piece stays true to Sapahn’s commitment to practical usability by including a central zip divider and an inside card pocket. A golden stamp reads Sapahn written in both Thai and English, uniting our two communities in one beautiful piece.



In 2008, both Suzie and Tom were not content with the factory or office jobs awaiting them. They wanted to create employment opportunities for their community and build a business they could be passionately devoted to. While both Suzie and Tom had a love and natural eye for fashion, they had to endure a steep learning curve. Though they had limited experience in sewing, they both appreciated the look and durability of leather and decided to jump in. They gathered enough money to buy a sewing machine, a pile of leather, and a few other tools and set to work. At their first market, Tom strapped a display case over his shoulder and began walking throughout the market. A year later, we met Tom and Suzie at a local university market, where locals sell their garden produce, delicious treats, and latest creations. Brooke met with Tom and Suzie every Friday to chat and the friendship continues.
Tom explains that they don’t want their business to swell to a size that prevented each employee from feeling like a free, creative, involved, and well-paid member of the family. As imagined, Susie and Tom were delighted when Brooke shared her idea to create Sapahn with them. Sapahn was the ideal partner to carry their meticulously made product. Today their artisan community has grown to five members.
When asked what made them happy as artists, Suzie and Tom explained:  “Nothing is better than when a customer says they love one of our products. We put everything we have into our work, we do everything by hand, and when a customer admires our work, this makes us feel great about everything we do.”

Saphan - Bridge

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