Sapahn - Our Process


People matter. Our actions have impacts. Each and every purchase we make directly impacts people's lives and livelihoods. We want those impacts to have greater positive impacts on others around the world. The sapahn bridge allows this to happen through our model.


How we do this?


Thailand is home for Nebraskan Founder Brooke since 2008. She travels to each artisan community several times a year. One round trip tallies up 3,500 miles by bus, song tows, motorbikes, and tuk tuts. We have learned that this hands on approach is the most effective and transparent way to not only build strong, lasting relationships with each artisans community, but insures integrity in your product and impact.


Sapahn - Pride


We know start to finish who makes each piece, how this piece is crafted, and where our materials originate from. Some people say this level of transparency is impossible. We love taking on the ‘impossible’. How can you empower when you don’t know the goals, dreams, challenges and aspirations of the people you’re trying to help? 


Fair trade 

Our artisans are empowered to set their own price for their creations. They know best their cost, needs, and it is where the power should lie - in their hands. No bargaining allowed. Our customers also enjoy fair prices. Our markups are based on basic industry standards. 



We pay artisans 50% of total order when they begin our order and the remaining when the order is delivered.   (We recognize the increased vulnerability artisans may face when having to pay for supplies, labor, and life expenses until a month or two later when the full order is completed. 



We collaborate and design based on the talents and strengths of our artisan communities. Part of this engagement is learning and respecting their wants, goals and desires for their empowerment.