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Fishnet Scarves


A mother-daughter pair of artists set out to not only master the craft of weaving beautiful cotton scarves, but make it a viable source of income to support their family. Over the past 16 years they have blossomed from a two-woman operation into a lively village that takes pride in weaving something beautiful to share. Raw cotton is dyed by hand, sun dried, spun on a bicycle wheel, connected to the loom, and woven using a ‘flying shuttle’ system. By pulling on a lever, the shuttle sails back and forth, weaving from eight to ten scarves each day.



P'Vilai and Tip shared a vision of weaving something beautiful. Over the past 16 years, they have turned a two-woman operation into a village-wide celebration with over 30 artisans involved. P’A passed down the tradition of weaving to her daughter Tip, who builds on her foundation of knowledge of the craft and elaborates colorfully within the creativity and design characteristics of weaving Tip embraced Sapahn’s aspiration for taking designs to the next level and enhances our collection. These scarves require exceptional artistry to bring artistic vision to impeccable execution, especially when it comes to tying new loom patterns, not to mention the overlapping of multiple colors.


This scarf begins with raw cotton that is dyed by hand, sun dried, spun on a bicycle wheel, connected to the loom and woven using a ‘flying shuttle’ system. When pulled, a lever moves the shuttle , which sails back and forth to weave between eight and ten scarves each day. The mother-daughter duo, P’ Vilai and Tip, employed a loose-weave design to their collection. Called Fishnet Scarves, these pieces resemble the nets cast into the pond by local fishermen. A Sapahn favorite since day one and loved for it’s easy, lightweight wear, this year’s collection features a tighter weave and layered colors, giving one style multiple color combinations.

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