Become a Sapahn Bridge Sister and join our Rewards Program

What if you could change the world AND earn rewards for your good decisions?


We live in a world where we have the ability to truly make a difference in the lives of real people; the amount of information available to us about how products are made, what artisans are paid, and how people around the world live is astounding. But that doesn't mean shopping ethically is always the easy choice.


That's why we want to make shopping fair trade fashion a no-brainer by introducing our Bridge Sisters Rewards Program! Because everything's better with a group of girlfriends, right?


Sapahn's Bridge Sisters Rewards Program rewards you for making ethical shopping choices!


As an avid Sapahn shopper, you probably have noticed that we don't offer discounts very often because we like to pay our artisans as much as we can for their beautiful work. But we definitely see how significant it is that through your purchases, you help Sapahn empower hundreds of rural Thai artisans to continue pursuing their craft and be paid a fair wage. So, to reward you for your smart buying choices, Bridge Sisters will now earn points after every purchase.  This new program allows you to earn 1 point for every dollar spent; then, you can trade your points in for a percentage off one item or your entire cart! 

Sign up today to start earning points toward your next reward - you can get started by clicking the My Sapahn Rewards button on your bottom left. For a limited time, you'll earn double joining points (that's 100 points!) just for signing up! You can also earn rewards for your birthday, by sharing products on Facebook, and by referring Sapahn to your friends.  


But that's not all! We know you love your existing Sapahn products, which is why we want to help you show them off and reward you for that too! Take a look at our Ambassador program for more ways to earn free and discounted Sapahn products.


When you make ethical purchases through Sapahn, you're directly helping artisans live doing something they love with a wage they can afford to subsist on. You're supporting strong communities of women who desire independence by earning their own income and financially supporting their families. Your beautiful things are doing beautiful things, and that's why we feel it's only right to reward you for your good choices.