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Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has not seen these gorgeous silver necklaces. From dainty to daring, we have a Sapahn pure silver or beaded necklace for you. These gorgeous necklaces are handmade by our rural Thai artisans without the use of a mold, so each one is truly unique and made just for you. These delightful ethical fashion jewelry pieces are bound to wow anyone on your gift list and make thoughtful gifts for Mom or your sister.


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    Sapahn Alexandria Silver Necklace- Worn Sapahn Alexandria Silver Necklace

    Alexandria Silver Necklace

    Alexandria Necklace Whether at work or at play, the Alexandria Necklace will draw attention everywhere you go. Woven strands of silver offer a powerful contrast between the shiny silver and...
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    Sapahn Amara Silver Bib Necklace Sapahn Amara Silver Bib Necklace- Worn

    Amara Silver Bib Necklace

    Amara Bib Necklace Captivating in its simplicity, the Amara Silver Bib Necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that can complement any outfit. This woven silver, half-moon bib necklace will quickly...
  • Anastacia Silver Lariat Necklace

    Anastacia Lariat Necklace The simplistic and lovely Anastacia Lariat Necklace is a unique piece with a lot to say. Inspired by lucky bamboo, this beautiful silver necklace will bring you...
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    Sapahn Atalante Silver Necklace- detail Sapahn Atalante Silver Necklace- Worn

    Atalante Silver Necklace

    Atalante Necklace Delicate and beautiful for every day wear, the Atalante Silver Necklace is certain to turn heads. The lovely shiny silver, with a sophisticated patina finish, is textured to...
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    Sapahn Carmina Champagne Choker Sapahn Carmina Champagne Choker- Worn

    Carmina Champagne Choker

    Carmina Champagne Choker It's time to celebrate! The beautiful Carmina Champagne Choker from our Celebration collection is named after the famed Sofia Carmina Coppola, who created the most portable and...
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    Sapahn Clicquot Champagne Choker

    Clicquot Champagne Choker

    Clicquot Champagne Choker Make every day feel like New Years Eve with a little bubbly - that is, the Clicquot Champagne Choker! This piece, from the gorgeous Celebration collection, is...
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    Sapahn Hanan Silver Bib Necklace Sapahn Hanan Silver Bib Necklace- Worn

    Hanan Silver Bib Necklace

    Hanan Bib Necklace Looking for a captivating look that is certain to impress? The intricate design of the Hanan Bib Necklace is created based on traditional spirit lock pendants, and...
  • Isabella Silver Necklace

    Isabella Necklace Delicate precision went into crafting the one of a kind Isabella Silver Necklace. Hand etched with 9 dots curving the outer edge, this lovely pure silver necklace is...
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    Sapahn Jasmine Collar Necklace - Front Sapahn Jasmine Collar Necklace - Worn

    Jasmine Collar Necklace

    Jasmine Collar Necklace This intricate design of the Jasmine Collar Necklace is bound to catch the eyes of everyone you meet. The etched silver, Peter Pan collar necklace was inspired...
  • Laughing Buddha Necklace

    Laughing Buddha Necklace Who doesn't need a good laugh once in a while? The Laughing Buddha is believed to bring joy and good fortune to the wearer, which is only...
  • Leaf Mala Necklace

    Leaf Mala Necklace A mala is a set of beads that is traditionally used during meditation. Each bead represents a thought, prayer, or intention. Sapahn's malas are made with 108...
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    Sapahn Lily Champagne Choker Sapahn Lily Champagne Choker- Worn

    Lily Champagne Choker

    Lily Champagne Choker This beautiful 6 bubble chocker from our Celebration collection is named after Lily Bollinger who took over her family's champagne house in 1941. We like to celebrate...
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    Sapahn Lucky Leaf Silver Necklace- Worn Sapahn Lucky Leaf Silver Necklace

    Lucky Leaf Silver Necklace

    Lucky Leaf Necklace This necklace plays the perfect balance between delicate and dignified. Beautifully pairs with the Sapahn Mala necklaces and the Amara Bib Necklace. Carefully handcrafted, this cuff is...
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    Sapahn Lyra Silver Bib Necklace Sapahn Lyra Silver Bib Necklace- Worn

    Lyra Silver Bib Necklace

    Lyra̴ Bib Necklace Woven silver half-moon bib necklace is capturing. The intricate design was inspired by traditional spirit lock pendants of the Hmong Hill Tribe community. Carefully handcrafted, this cuff...
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    Sapahn Moet Champagne Choker Sapahn Moet Champagne Choker- Worn

    Moet Champagne Choker

    Moet Champagne Choker From the new Celebration collection, Moet is a classic -- just like the champagne. All of the pieces in our Beyond the Mold Collection have been carefully...
  • Nalin Silver Necklace

    Nalin Necklace This necklace plays the perfect balance between delicate and dignified. The perfect everyday piece to wear solo or layer. Carefully handcrafted, this cuff is part of the Beyond the...
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