We are excited to welcome Sarah Spitsen to our team!

We are excited to welcome Sarah Spitsen to our team!

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We are so excited to announce the addition of Sarah Spitsen to our team, joining as the Vice President of People and Culture.

A female entrepreneur herself, Sarah brings a 14-year background in entrepreneurship and small business growth. Founder of Feya Co., Sarah started the company in 2014 and scaled their team from one to 50 employees alongside its merger with Akira Coffee Co. in 2020. Like sapahn, Sarah’s startup focused on more than just their product with a purpose-driven mission to end extreme poverty and provide basic necessities to those in need.

“We are so fortunate to have Sarah and her many talents join our team,” said Brooke Mullen, founder and designer of sapahn. “We couldn’t think of a better fit than Sarah for this role with her background in entrepreneurship, team growth and optimization and building sustainable business processes. She is passionate about people, so we feel so lucky to have someone we know will contribute to our mission to harness the power of fashion to advance the rights of ALL people.”

With Sarah joining the team, her role will focus on guiding and investing in sapahn’s culture on a local and global level. Sapahn has significantly grown over the last two years, realizing 142% revenue growth during the pandemic and growing from one to six full-time team members.

Sarah will also lead the pursuit of gaining a B Corp Certification for the company and cultivating relationships with other like-minded businesses to forge human rights centered partnerships. The sapahn customer base is seeking transparency in the businesses they support and sapahn is always on the journey for better. Sarah plans to build on opportunities to further educate our communities on human rights.

Lastly, Sarah has an extensive knowledge on building wholesale partnerships and will dive into securing new accounts for sapahn to further their growth and advance the impact made within the villages and communities they partner with in Thailand.