Father's Day is right around the corner! With that being said, how are you going to make this day extra special for your father?!

There are so many ways to show your gratitude and love, for some that may be through gratitude and love, for others that may be through gift giving or perhaps you would rather spend quality time with him. Whatever you may choose to do, your father will be extremely appreciative of simply receiving that special notice on this day set aside for him.

If you're like me, you might have problems brainstorming ideas of what to gift him. Men can sometimes be a little tricky to shop for because we never know what they may need or like.

However, I did some research and found some cool ideas of what I think any father may love. From a bamboo speaker to leather boots and more, take a look at the list below for further gift ideas.


Gift Guide 

1. Horween Leather Chronograph Watch

Simple and classy, a watch is a go to item that makes the perfect gift any man would love to receive. As an accessory that will never go out of style, this watch can be worn to a business meeting fitting the standards of formal attire or be sported with joggers around the house any casual day.

The color and structure of this watch make it super versatile while the button stud on the side adds a unique touch. Bonus: this specific watch is currently on sale so be sure to check it out!


2. Beau James Billfold Wallet


Since most men use a wallet on a daily basis this could be the ideal gift you're searching for. Plus, you can be confident the gift you are giving your father will actually be used.

The Beau James Billfold wallet features an external coin pocket on one side with a card slot on the other which makes for quick and easy access. This compact wallet will keep everything organized without being big and bulky.

Another great product from Sapahn is the Dale Money Clip. This is a great gift for men who love to carry cash or for those wanting a simpler design instead of hauling around a whole wallet. With the Dale Money Clip, it can easily be thrown in a pocket without being overly bulky.                                                                                                                                                                             


3. Boozik Bamboo iPhone Amplifier

This speaker is so fun! I absolutely love the look to this bamboo speaker and I think that any man would too. If your father loves to listen to jams while working in the garage or working in the house, then consider getting your father this speaker for Father's Day.

With its unique and clean looking structure, this speaker could be set up anywhere in a house and be hidden in with decor easily.            


4. Hex Bow Tie & Grid Lock in Sun Bow Tie

These bow ties are absolutely adorable and they also come in a variety of patterns and colors. From attending a wedding, work occasion or family dinner, every man owns at least one tie. If you wanted to spruce up your dad's style then gift him a color or pattern that he may not have in the closet already. 

If bow ties aren't your Fathers specific style, try checking out Neck and Tie Co. for other tie options. 


5. Men's Leather Boots 

These leather boots are perfect for strolling the city streets or wearing them as dress shoes. Made from premium cow leather, these shoes may vary in color due to the materials but this makes each pair unique! These shoes are highly durable and they come in two different color options.

If you're wanting to add a fun stylish shoe to your father's wardrobe, then this boot would be the perfect gift. He's sure to dddddget a few years out of these shoes and he will also be able to wear them on numerous occasions. 


6. Men's Nylon Weekender


Is your father a commuter or does he often tote work projects around? This briefcase cross body bag is great for men who are constantly on the go. This bag is great for keeping work organized and in one spot. When walking in the city, this bag can be thrown over one should or it can simply be carried as seen above.

This bag is big enough for carrying all work essentials. It may also be used for a weekend bag or carry- on for a flight.  


7. Gunthorpe Casual Reversible Belt

You can't go wrong by gifting a belt. If your dad works long days in the office or goes to meetings occasionally, then this would be a gift worth giving. This belt is made of Italian full grain leather and its look is so classy. If your father uses belts a lot he will appreciate this receiving this gift, a man can never have too many belts. 

When we talk about versatility we aren't kidding!! This belt is a 2 in 1 reversible belt. Your father could wear this belt for multiple occasions because of the two different colors it could be worn as. Black or brown, simply flip the buckle over and take on the day.                                                                                                                                                                                            

8. UBB x Geier Leather Gloves


If your father doesn't have a nice pair of leather gloves then consider looking into these! Every man could use a solid pair of warm gloves for the chilly fall and winter seasons. These gloves are great to run errands in when its chilly out, or they could also be used for ice skating because who doesn't love to ice skate!!  

Since these gloves are made out of deer leather, they are super smooth and soft. These high-quality gloves are made with the best materials to ensure great durability and the ability to withstand many years of use. 


With one of these gifts you are sure to make a special impact on your dad this Father's Day! 


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