Hello bridge sisters! Early this year Sapahn received 3 interns. My name is Haley, I am one of the interns that have been writing up some of the past blog posts for Sapahn. I felt that I should finally introduce myself. Since this post related to high school graduation it was super relatable for me to talk about. I graduated high school a couple years ago and I personally remember my favorite gifts that I received.

As the school year begins to wind down, students are beyond anxious to be out of the classroom and begin their summer. This also means that graduating parties are upon us. If you happen to be invited to a graduation party this year, it’s a great time to be on the lookout for the perfect gift for the new graduate.

Graduations are approaching within the next month. Have you started gift shopping yet? If not, no worries, I have you covered. As a college student, I thought it would be easiest to grab some ideas of what I would have wanted to receive going into college and also share items that I along with other college students use on a daily basis.

I compiled a list of some meaningful and useful gifts that any new graduate would be eager to receive. With multiple graduation parties, we all know that gifts can add up. I managed to find a few ideas that are on the less expensive side and incorporated them in the 'Gifts Under $50' list, take a look below!!



Gifts Under $50

1. Woodbuds In-Ear Wood Earphones 

With college students constantly on the go, earphones are a gift that any student would appreciate. I personally use my headphones 5x more in college than I ever did in high school. I love listening to tunes when walking to classes and when I go to the gym.

The thing that I love about these earbuds is that they are made using plantation hardwood plus they come in a variety of colors. I can guarantee you that any graduate would get some good use out of these earphones!


2. Fairtrade & Organic Bath Towel


When I graduated I remember getting 20+ towels as graduation gifts. This was a little excessive and I didn’t even end up bringing half of those with me to college ,however, I wish I would have gotten nicer and higher quality towels. I really only took the nicer towels with me to college.

When searching for top-notch towels I found these! These particular towels are made from organic cotton and they come in four different color options. Soft and sustainable, these towels will no doubt last for a couple years. 


3. Dona Lanyard

Freshman year can be hectic when getting into the routine of things. This lanyard is the perfect gift to help the graduate stay organized. A lanyard is a perfect size and can hold multiple cards and necessities.

I used a lanyard my freshman year and it was the biggest lifesaver. I stored my dorm key, credit cards, University ID and cash in it. The attachable wristlet band is great when on the go. It can be carried by the band or thrown around your neck so you don't lose it. 


4. Diamond Weave Cotton Throw



Consider getting a blanket as a graduation gift. This diamond weave cotton throw is perfect to keep around in the dorm room. I personally keep a stash of blankets in my room for when a friend stays over, they come in so handy! No one can ever have too many blankets.

This partially one could be used as a throw when its chilly outside or maybe even laid at the foot of the bed for decoration. Check out Sapahn's website for more color options! 


High School Graduation Gifts for Her

1. The Nora Shopper Tote


The Nora Shopper Tote is the perfect bag for any occasion. Whether it is worn as a purse, used as a tote or used as an alternative to a book bag, this bag is definitely one that any college student will use on a daily basis.

As a college student, I can personally say that this would be an investment that is totally worth it. I have two different totes around the same size as the Nora Shopper Tote and I don’t know what I would do without them.

When traveling home on the weekend, big totes like this one are perfect for packing a couple outfits in and throwing in my essentials. Sometimes when I have classes that only require a couple books, I will use my tote. When I go to class dressed nicely I also love carrying around a nice looking tote compared to a bulky backpack.

I use my larger tote as a carry-on bags when traveling and it’s a perfect size. This tote would specifically be great because of how well items could be organized with the many pockets that this tote provides.


2. Earrings 


Let’s be honest, every girl loves receiving new jewelry. Jewelry is an easy gift to give plus it gives more meaning than simply receiving money. When shopping for jewelry play it safe and gravitate more towards simple jewelry to ensure that it will be loved and warn.

I choose a few pairs of earrings that were a little bit more on the simple side just so that they can be versatile and worn with more things. With jewelry, it is nice to have a couple pairs of nicer earrings for church, date nights or shopping days. These specific earrings would be perfect for a casual night out or they could also be dressed up.


 3. Empowering Pouch


I am absolutely obsessed with these empowering pouches. I personally might be getting one because they would be so perfect for storing makeup, storing school supplies or even keeping my face wash and toothbrush in this bag. 

These bags are super adorable with the large tassel on them and could be used for a million things. If you are looking for a gift that is on the cheaper side I would highly recommend these because they are only $26! I ensure you that your gift would get some good use out of it. If you are looking into getting a few smaller items, you could even throw some items in this little bag so they would be even more surprised finding goodies in the bag. 


High School Graduation Gifts for Him

1. Matthew Trifold Wallet

When going to college every guy could use a strong, durable and simple wallet that is going to last them for the next few years. Sapahn has a men's wallet that meets all those criteria. The Matthew Trifold Wallet even comes in three different colors. The structure is very mature looking and could symbolize as a fresh new start towards a bright future ahead.

Another product that you might want to check out is the Dale Money Clip. This would also be a really great gift for a guy. The money clip is so thin that it makes carrying it around very easy and a guy is able to slide this right into his pocket. Both of these products are made with soft buttery leather that will last years. 


2. Men's 4 Pack Spot & Stripe Bamboo Sock Gift Box

Every guy could use a new pair of dress socks. These would be great for a college guy because there are always formals and special events going on in which they need to dress nice.

The materials that make up these socks makes them completely breathable and comfortable. These socks a steal because they come in a set of 4 and they are under $25!


3. Patagonia Pullover


Unsure of what to look for when shopping for a guy?

Being in college I know that Patagonia is a huge brand that guys seem to go crazy over. Patagonia is a company that uses recycled materials to make their sweatshirts and pullovers. This company has been growing throughout the past few years and doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon.

This Patagonia quarter snap pullover is perfect for the winter months but can also be worn for chillier spring days. I have a ladies pullover and it is the comfiest sweatshirt that I own. 


Gifts for Friends Who Are Graduating

1. Silver Double Beaded Friendship Bracelet 

There is no better way to express gratitude, friendship, and love than with these friendship bracelets. Show your friends how much they mean to you by gifting them a bracelet. These bracelets can symbolize something special to a friend when you both have to part ways and start your new beginning away from each other.

These bracelets are absolutely adorable and so simple to dress up or wear on a casual day to day basis. 


2. Leaf Mala Necklace


Sapahn's Leaf Mala Necklace has such a deep meaning behind it. If you are looking to gift to a close friend then this is your go-to gift. Each of the beads on this necklace represents a thought or prayer. These necklaces are often used when completely distressing and relaxing all of the muscles in your body. 

If your friend loves to do yoga and meditate often, then this gift could mean something a little extra special to them. 


3. Emma Card Holder 

The Emma Card Holder can be used as a smaller wallet. This product is super compactable and holds many cards. This is a great gift for older students especially when they don't want to always carry around a large purse or wallet all the time. This card holder makes it super convenient to pull out a card when in a hurry. There is no more hassle digging for a particular card when you have your hands on this product. 



There is an arrangement of items in which anyone would be thrilled to receive however, I hope that these gift ideas sparked some inspiration for you! It's crazy to think that this time of year has already come upon us so fast and summer will be here before we know it. I wish you all happy shopping and hope that this was helpful!  





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