Next comes the actual making of the leather bags. If you missed the first post in this series about how Sapahn got involved with our leather makers, be sure to check it out! 

How are Sapahn leather bags designed?

Sapahn's Omega leather bags are measured and cut

Sapahn’s founder, Brooke, works closely with leather artisans Mana and Nueng to custom design new handmade leather bags for every season. Brooke begins designing by analyzing what customers have been asking for in their bags. Do we need to modify an existing design to make it better, or does a whole new product need to be made? Brooke sketches out an idea of what she wants, and then her husband, Matt, draws the official sketch to bring to a meeting with Mana and Nueng. 

When the initial sketch is brought to the artisans, Mana begins adding his own ideas in to the mix. He also brings the design back to the village, where all the other artisans can give their input into the new design. Sapahn prides itself on the fact that each of our products are handmade, so it's important that the people making the products also get their voice heard. If the products were made in a factory, the whole sketch, design, and production process would be digitized and wouldn't have the touch of being handmade. 

Once the proportions for the bag are measured out, the leather for each piece of the bag is cut to the necessary size and shape. The artisans first create a sample bag to test. Based on the sample bag, Brooke and the artisans can determine detailed things such as zipper size, strap length, and pocket size.

Step 1: Stitching

Sapahn's Omega Leather bag parts are sewn together

After each piece of leather is cut, the bag goes to the sewing machine. Smaller parts such as bag straps and handles are assembled first. Mana makes sure that each of his workers knows how to do every part of the manufacturing process. This means one bag can be handled by the same person from beginning to end, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail by one individual worker. We think that’s pretty cool!

Step 2: Lining

Next, the larger pieces of leather must be attached to the lining (you know, that really cute piece of cotton fabric on the inside of your bag!). Brooke searches high and low through the stores of Bangkok to find the perfect design to fit each bag. Sometimes the fabric company doesn't have enough fabric to fill an entire order's worth of bags, which is why each bag and color now has a different lining- another Sapahn touch! Once selected, the lining is sent to Mana and Nueng’s factory to be sewn into the new bags.

Step 3: Applying Sapahn's signature Omega Hardware

Sapahn interns apply omega hardware to the new fall line

After each piece of the bag is assembled, they’re finally ready to be shipped! All the bags for the upcoming season are shipped together to Lincoln, Nebraska (fun fact: that’s where all our products are kept!). Once in Nebraska, our US team gets to work applying the signature Omega Hardware.

Different bags get different hardware pieces, either little or big. A hardware rod must be screwed on and a dot of glue applied to keep the entire Omega in place. Once all pieces are assembled, the bags are ready to receive their product tags and be sold. After months of designing, assembling, and traveling over 8,000 miles, they are finally ready to be seen and sold to our amazing customers!


Check out our Omega Leather collection to shop your favorite style! 

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