New Face Masks! 5 For You, 5 For Your Friends

New Face Masks! 5 For You, 5 For Your Friends

Sapahn now has stylish, fashionable, sustainable safe and effective face masks to help you and your loved ones stay safe curing the COVID-19 pandemic. Buy 5 and give 5 to your friends!
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Sapahn's artisans came up with a brilliant idea and I'm so excited to share it with you.

Two weeks ago our artisans reached out to check in on us. They asked how we were holding up during the pandemic. They care deeply about you and me, our families and our livelihoods.  

They wondered if the news was true - was the US in short supply of face masks? Is there any way they could help?

Of course, it's not just us in the US suffering physically, emotionally and financially. I asked how they were doing, and they shared their struggle to keep artisans employed during this time. Local customers had stopped all orders and their local economy ground to a halt. But there was no time to despair - 

They had a brilliant idea.

What if they took the scraps of cotton fabric left over from Sapahn's handbags and made them into beautiful and effective face masks?

I about cried. 


Sustainable Face Masks




"Let's do it," I said. "I'm all in."

And we're selling them at cost. 

Not just that - 

But let's also give some away for free and keep the bridge strong 💪.

Right now, you can buy 5 beautiful and effective face masks for $25. And we'll send 5 of your friends masks for free.


stylish coronavirus face mask


Why I love our masks:

  • Provides a fashionable, affordable, comfortable, reusable mask for those in need.
  • Helps keep all our loved ones safe, as well as those around us.
  • Keeps local businesses alive here and abroad, ensuring workers are paid and can support their families. 

It's a win / win / win.





Stylish coronavirus face mask




Our first layer is sewn with left over lining from Sapahn bags.



We apply a layer of 100% cotton fabric.



Our final layer is muslin.

Note: Each mask is detailed with elastic stretch ear loops and a built-in nose bridge.

BONUS: The design allows a filter insert from the side of the mask. 

*The lining Sapahn uses for our handbag is deadstock, a win/win for sustainability.

DISCLAIMER: While these masks are not medical-grade they are still a vital and recommended source of comfort and safety for those most vulnerable, as well as frontline and essential workers.




It's hard not to get inspired when you see such ingenuity in the name of protecting and loving one another - all across the world. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to hit reply and ask away. I'd love to hear from you.

Be the bridge, wear a mask - and we'll all see each other soon on the other side.

Founder + Designer