Meet Susie and Tom, a couple with a lot in common: creativity, passion, and a keen eye for color and texture. Sapahn’s beautiful Wild Side Leather collection is their brainchild. Unique, stylish and out of the ordinary, this limited-edition handbag collection combines both craft and artistry. With each stitch, you can feel the love, detail and dedication that Susie and Tom put into every piece. From hand-cut fringe to vibrant animal-print pony hair leather in unexpected colors, the Wild Side Leather wristlets, pouches, and crossbody bags appeal to the fearless fashionista who demands quality.


Susie and Tom’s story, and their collaboration with Sapahn founder Brooke Mullen, is a story of artists who found a home making pieces that are true works of art. Like many Thai couples, Susie and Tom were working uninspiring factory and office jobs, but both of them desired something more creative and fulfilling. Instead of punching a timecard, they wanted to create an environment of craftsmanship and self-expression within their community.


Brooke and Thai artisan Tom discuss leather options for the Wild Side Leather Handbags

With a mutual appreciation for the softness and texture of leather, combined with their sharp eye for color and design, Susie and Tom learned how to stitch, cut, and create high-quality leather bags on their own. This love of design and artistry drove the couple to save up enough money for a sewing machine, leather, and fabric; with their limited experience, they taught themselves how to sew by trial-and-error. When they had created enough pieces to sell, Tom hauled a display case on his back and started selling their pieces at a university market.


Brooke met Susie and Tom at a local market, where she struck up a conversation with the couple. From there, a true meeting of the minds blossomed. Susie and Tom expressed that they wanted to keep their business small and family-oriented, while providing a positive environment for everyone involved. Currently, Susie and Tom work with five other artisans, keeping to their vision of a business that feels like family. Sapahn is happy to include them in our family, which is why each piece is stamped in gold with Sapahn written in both Thai and English. The Wild Side Leather bag collection has travelled far, but there is a true connection between the remarkable couple who creates these pieces and those who wear them


The Wild Side Collection is nearly sold out, but you can still get your hands on a few pieces of supple leather artistry while they last (P.S. — there are a few Wild Fringe Crossbody bags left, which convert to a wristlet for a practical but stylish going-out look). Stay tuned for Susie and Tom’s newest creations this fall, with an all-new limited collection. Check for updates soon!


Brooke picks leather swatches to begin the Wild Side Leather Handbag Collection

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