Every year, she manages to find the perfect gift for you, and every year, you are on a mission to find a gift that shows Mom how much you care. After all those years of taking care of you while you were sick, driving you across town for band practice, or attending every sporting event (even if you just sat on the bench), how could you possibly find a present that says "thank you for everything that you do?" 


What's the perfect gift for Mom this Christmas or Hanukkah? We think she deserves something practical but pretty. Something she needs but also something she'll love for years to come. Something that will wow her every time she uses it. We think a handmade Sapahn leather bag, a gorgeous scarf, or a precious piece of silver jewelry are a great way to impress Mom over the holidays. 


Here are our top gift picks for Mom this year.


Sapahn M Crossbody Leather Purse in Grey


M Crossbody


Simply put: the M Crossbody is the perfect fit for any mom. What else does the M stand for? Modern. Matriarch. Meaningful. Magical. No matter what the M means, all signs point to Mom. This everyday bag is great for just about anything -- brunch with the gals, commuting to the office, or going on adventures with Dad. 


We know she'll obsess over the super-soft leather, the modern brass details,  the hand stitched design made by talented Thai artisans, and the beautiful story that comes along with an ethical fashion purchase.


Sapahn Silk Scarves


Silk Scarves


There's nothing more luxurious than handwoven silk. Your mom is a fancy lady who loves beautiful things, and we want to make sure her beautiful things can do beautiful things around the world. Our skilled Thai artisans harvest silk worms and hand dye each of our gorgeous silk scarves, so no two scarves are exactly alike. They're as unique as Mom is. 


These gorgeous shawls are perfect for date night out, spicing up a simple outfit, or bringing together Mom's fall wardrobe. Silk has a more vintage feel to it, so while we typically may opt for cotton scarves lately, there's nothing more special than feeling soft silk draped around your neck. Impress Mom with the gorgeous colors and the one-of-a-kind designs. 


Sapahn Silver Mara Ring


Silver Rings


Rings are the perfect statement piece to add to a wardrobe, and our silver rings (like the Mara above) are a great way to make Mom feel like a queen. These fashionable rings will never go unnoticed, so Mom can quickly and easily add some pizazz to her favorite outfit.


Worn to a party or everyday, these silver rings are as unique and beautiful as Mom is. Each ring is made without the use of a mold, and we know Mom will love the beautiful story behind the Thai artisans who handcraft every piece.


Sapahn Aida Mini Bucket Tote


Bucket Totes


We've never met a mom who didn't adore a great bucket tote. With two sizes -- the Aida and the Diana -- this gorgeous tote bag is perfect if Mom carries around a few toys for her grandkids, still loves paperback books, or never leaves home without a sweater. 


With so many pockets, this bag helps keep Mom organized so she can carry everything she needs without constantly digging to the bottom of her bag. These beautiful leather purses are as practical as they are beautiful, making them a gift that Mom will use again and again. 


Why spend hours wandering through the department store when you can get Mom something you're certain she'll like? It almost seems too easy! These Sapahn gifts are bound to earn you this year's spot as favorite child (even though she'll never say it out loud).

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