When the holidays come around, we often find ourselves stumped when it comes to shopping for the men in our lives. While your hunny might have slipped a few hints, dear ol’ Dad and your bro are likely a bit more challenging. What on earth do you buy your Dad and brother for Christmas or Hanukkah?


For the man that has it all, what could he possibly want? Well, we have a few hints for what to buy the hardest people on your shopping list this season. Leave behind the tired ties and war books, and check out these handsome leather wallets they’ll actually want to use.  



Sapahn Beau James Leather Billfold Wallet


Beau James Billfold Wallet


Dad’s always kept that giant jar of change in his bedroom, because even coins are hard earned money. If you’ve got a Dad that always pays in exact change, this wallet is the perfect choice. A large change pocket is uncommon for men’s wallets, but for some men, this is an absolute necessity (especially according to Mom, who is always finding loose change when she does the laundry). No one likes jingling change in their jeans, so help Dad keep all his money is one place with the Beau James Billfold Leather Wallet


We love this piece because it’s compact enough to fit in a suit jacket pocket and is thoughtfully designed to keep everything Dad needs close at hand. 


Sapahn Dale Leather Money Clip


Dale Money Clip


For the brother that’s big on simplicity and style, we love the Dale Leather Money Clip. If big bro will take up all the space you give him, a wallet with too many pockets can get overstuffed quickly. This wallet demands thoughtful minimalism with the internal money clip and two external card pockets. If you’ve got a brother whose biggest pet peeve is too much stuff, we know he’ll love the Dale Money Clip


The gorgeous, slim leather design slips perfectly into a back pocket in his pants, and it’s even chiropractor approved — no more sitting on a brick. Ideal for the man that’s always on the go, this stylish men’s wallet is all about simplicity and practicality. 


Sapahn Brandon Leather Billfold Wallet


Brandon Billfold Wallet


This sturdy leather wallet is the ultimate crowdpleaser for men of all ages. When we think of this wallet, we think Ron Swanson — superior craftsmanship, simple design, high quality leather. This wallet is a dream for outdoorsmen who, honestly, would rather not carry anything with them. The Brandon Billfold Leather Wallet is so lightweight, Dad might even forget he has it in his back pocket. 


Practicality is the name of the game for most family men, and this wallet gets the job done. Handstitched and beautifully made, this is the last wallet you may ever need to buy for your brother (and we know he’ll appreciate that…since he’s likely not a huge fan of change). Instead of watching Dad carry around the same wallet that’s falling apart for the next 10 years, this one will maintain its shape and even get softer over time. Space for cash and a few cards is all he needs, and this wallet’s the perfect fit. 


Shopping for your family men doesn’t have to be difficult. We especially love these gifts when they come from children; they’re a great gift to say “thanks for all you do” to an uncle or dad. Cross off the most challenging people on your shopping list this year with a handmade, sturdy Sapahn leather wallet.

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