We know that this week a lot of you might be focused on other things, but we couldn't skip an opportunity to tell you about our latest trip to Kansas City and a few of our new best friends that we met while we were there.  

First of all, let us just shout out a big THANK YOU to all of our Sapahn ambassadors that are helping us make this holiday season a success by spreading the Sapahn story farther than Brooke and I could do alone.  We are so grateful for your time and talents.  

This is my dear friend Amy Gagner who has traveled to the last two Kansas City shows with me and I couldn't have done it without her.  So, to all of our ambassadors and bridge builders a heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you.

This last weekend there were two vendors that stole our hearts.  The first one was Tammy Smith.  She is an artist that has worked in many different mediums and designed products for Hallmark, Red Dirt, and many other companies.  Now she has launched her own line that is adorable.

She is a fantastic artist and a great person.  She is the one that you want next to you when you are working your booth alone.  She is always willing to step in and cover for you when you need a break and that is a priceless gift during a four day show.  

The next vendor that stole my heart was BopBopKat.  This company is run by two sisters and does all kinds of amazing embroidery.  It all started when one of the sisters had a stroke while still in high school and her condition denied her the opportunity to attend college or to pursue a traditional job.  So they set off to blaze a new path.  Their work is impeccable and their spunk is contagious.

Lastly, I have to say that one of my deep dark character traits is a strong pull towards being star struck.  This last weekend our booth was directly across the aisle from Danni Boatwright's t-shirt company.  Among many accomplishments in the pageant world including being 1st runner up in Miss America she went on to compete in the nationally acclaimed show "Survivor" when it was in Guatemala and she WON!  Its been awhile since I had time to watch network television but this is super impressive, don't you think!  I just had to share my truly geeked out photo of her from a far because I am serious folks... suffering from "star struck-ness" is really a thing!


So, there you have it.... yes, we work hard but we have fun doing it!  Here's to more time on the road, sharing our story and hopefully some fun super star sightings!  

Enjoy your week!  We are off to Minneapolis to showcase at the Holiday Boutique Show which is held in the Vikings new stadium tomorrow and we will see you back here real soon! 

Ann and Brooke


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